Ode to Avocados

Prized as a delicacy and an aphrodisiac, avocados have been cherished since the early Aztecs first harvested the wild fruit over 10,000 years ago. While that’s an impressive history, proving its long term staying power, I’m disquieted to imagine any point in time that this most precious, indispensable stable didn’t exist. Rarely does a day pass without some form of avocado appearing on my personal menu, and often more than once. I hate to play favorites when there are so many incredible fresh finds out there… But I know avocado is the one I couldn’t live without.

Once the underdog of the produce world, avocados have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity only during the later half of the 20st century. Now ubiquitous, Americans alone account for over $2.6 billion in avocado sales annually. No wonder millennials can’t afford to buy houses anymore. The buttery flesh may be green, but its really worth it’s weight in gold.

As National Avocado Day looms ever nearer on July 31st, the whole event seems curiously redundant. Don’t we already pay our respects at the shrine of the ahuacatl more religiously than most conventional deities? I don’t really need to suggest a celebratory round of guacamole, as if it wasn’t the most obvious serving suggestion in the book? Besides, you have a whole separate holiday to rock out with your guac out, on September 16th.

There’s no wrong way to eat an avocado. In fact, my favorite method is to scoop it right out of of shell with a spoon, gilded with tiny pinch of flaky salt over the top. If you’d like to pull out all the stops for this party and try something special, however, I do have a few more ideas that are sure to make any avocado lover swoon.

Best Avocado Recipes

Take your avocado game to the next level! Try some innovative approaches to using this beloved fruit, well beyond the average guacamole.

8 thoughts on “Ode to Avocados

  1. I love avocados:) There are some summer avocado variaties here, but mostly they are available in winter time. They are so versatile:)

  2. We are huge avocado lovers. Now the only dilemma we have is what delicious recipe from your round up we should try first. Maybe we should just start at the top and work our way down.

  3. Oh, my, have to save this page so I can try some of these recipes. The only problem I have with avocados is the involvement of cartels in much of the production. :-(

    1. Ugh, so true. Nothing is without controversy. I do try to buy local… My dream is to one day have an avocado tree!

  4. I love avocadoes, I grew up with them since we have a tree at home. Have you tried the avocado smoothie and avocado ice cream, if not, I suggest you make one, they are amazing

    1. Oh yes, I adore avocado desserts! I’ve also got a recipe for an avocado pie in one of my cookbooks, and am scheming up some avocado fudge as we speak… Stay tuned!

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