One of the greatest perks of running a blog is being able to share my top picks and recommendations for products that run the gamut from snacks to crafts to photography equipment. Great pains are taken to fully test and trial every item before publishing a review, which makes the brands that I partner with exceptionally important. I want to support companies who’s missions align with my own, and needless to say, put out superlative products or services that I can whole-heartedly endorse.

After receiving a number of requests, I have decided to provide the opportunity for those interested to place ads on BitterSweet.  These ads will can be in the form of simple text links of graphic banners that will be placed on the right sidebar header of “Sponsors.”  Rates for these banners are to be charged by the month, and can be bundled for extended periods at a discounted rate.

If you don’t already have a banner, I can create one using your current logo or photography for a small additional fee.

Additionally, sponsored blog posts including original photography, custom recipes, giveaways, and more can be crafted to further highlight items worthy of a full feature.


BitterSweet is a 100% vegan blog and all sponsors must be suitably aligned. Under no circumstances will I allow ads for any products or services that are cruel to animals or disregard the well-being of the environment.  I wouldn’t support such businesses in the first place, so I would never recommend them to any of my readers.  Only ads that are relevant to the content on BitterSweet will be considered, and I reserve the right to decline offers that I feel are inappropriate.

I am not interested in affiliate programs or sponsored posts at this time.


BitterSweet averages about 150,000 page views per month, with over 17,000 regular subscribers across multiple channels, including email, RSS, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For more info…

If this sounds good to you, please email me at hannah @ mysweetvegan . com to discuss your specific needs or to request a formal media kit.  Thank you for your interest and support!