Free Patterns

Knit Patterns:
Peas in a Pod

Tofu Pin Cushion
Slice of Cake
Hostess Cupcake Hat
Pop Tart Cell Phone Pocket
Kiwi Bird
Linux-Like Penguin

Crochet Patterns:
Coffee Cup
Toast Purse
Orange Slice Pot Holders
Basic Bird
Baby Alligator
Half Dozen Eggs
Bitty Baby
Quick Cupcakes
Miniature Witch’s Hat
Tiny Whale
Penguin Bowling Set
Cupcake Potholders

Sewing Patterns:

Cupcake Ornament
Fruit Magnets
Candy Corn
Jellyfish Fridge Magnets

More to come soon!

[All patterns copyright to me. Please play nice and don’t steal.]

16 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. Thank you for the knitted food…I have a son who is diabetic and another one who doesn’t eat cake and for their birthdays I shall make them cake now. Good work!!

  2. HI,

    I love your patterns, especially the Elephant and Duck and Cake!
    Although, I don’t crochet, only knit. I hope you come out with more
    knit patterns.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. thanks for the pattern.You have don a little girl verry happy.She is like a sun in the face

  4. I’m so glad I found your site. I think your creations are wonderful! you haven’t by any chance (please please?) made any toy trains? I am looking for a toy train pattern–just an engine–and can’t find much of anything but sweaters and afghans..i have googled and googled!! What I really want is “Gordon” from Thomas the Tank Engine…If I were as talented as you i could probably figure it out. I was wondering about plastic canvas for the pieces?
    if you have any ideas I would be grateful.

  5. Hey! I love the toast! I’m improvising it into a tote bag (with four toast “motifs” on each side). Your Uncle Billy is the cutest thing ever! My brother would love it, any chance you could post the pattern?

  6. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog — it has become my favorite crafty-site. :) I made the turkey for Thanksgiving (and used the “he’s the only turkey on my table!” line), and he came out so so adorable (which was really exciting as I’m *brand new* to crochet). I am eagerly awaiting the posting of more patterns of your little animals. So, basically, thanks! And keep up the awesome/adorable work. :)

  7. Thank you so much for your patterns. I have made the toast purse, and I love it. My friend made a really cool tote and used the toast for pockets on the outside. It ended up looking very cool. I really hope you’ll be able to get more patterns posted. I especially like the little white and pink bunny with the super long ears. That pattern would be most excellent. Thanks again, Zorale

  8. What a load of lovely patterns and recipes. Not a vegan myself, but love to try loads of new things-keeps life interesting!

  9. You defenitely need to make more crocheted plants. There aren’t enough in the world! Love the site by the way. I must say that my style is very similar to yours, and i also LOVED the owls you made. Very creative and interesting. Good work :o)

  10. Such yummy food, and all good for any diet. Thanks for sharing the patterns.

  11. Could not believe it!! My most favorite pastimes (obsessions?)
    What a wonderfully creative person you are!!
    Crochet, with a wonderful little story to go with it….
    Thank you for bringing this all together for everyone to enjoy!!

  12. Hello,

    I was looking for help with my cactus, when I saw your knitted one, then surfed in and found your LJ and FLICKR accounts with OODLES and OODLES of WAY cool crochet!!!

    I am a knitter and crocheter but haven’t ventured into the realm of toys like you have. I am so completely amazed at the cuteness of all of them.

    Do you plan to create a book?> or have one already? I want to learn to do what you do, so I will definately buy one!!!

    Carey Werlein
    Palmer, Alaska

  13. Hi. This is my first time on this sight. I lvoe all the crochet you have listed here, and I can’t wait to get the right yarns to make some of them. Is it possible to get patterns that were posted earlier. I would love to get the patterns for the elephant, duck, cake and plants. I do know that I’ll be coming back here often. Thank you for your wonderful ideas. Shelley

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