Photo Friday: Golden Gate Park

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  1. Parks the world over hold a lot of interest for photographers and a lot of photo opportunities. LOVE that chipmunk and stately duck and your water shots. I would find it hard to get enthusiastic about doing what I was studying in my spare time…usually… Steve and I have just been working right through the day on designing 3D art. I guess that’s what you do when you become addicted to something :)

    1. Ah, I’m so happy to hear that! I’ve just embarked on my own cherimoya sprouting adventure yet again with my new specimen and new environment… Nothing yet, but here’s hoping they’ll wake up before the thermometer reaches a boiling point. It’s plenty warm here for winter, but not quite that warm. ;)

      PS, I must admit to cheating with sharing these photos- They were part of a homework assignment in the first place.

      1. I figured as much with the photos, always good to get extra value out of what you have to do for studies. We are currently addicted to the MAX! Literally and figuratively. We are just starting to learn how to use 3ds Max and it’s amazing software and completely addictive. You shouldn’t have trouble germinating your Cherimoya babies in California. Just don’t think that they are cactus. Mine have been in pots in the glasshouse for months and I was just about to empty them all out as ‘dud’s’ and suddenly 5 of them germinated at once on a hot day! The cherimoya babies are fantastically healthy and lush green. Just about time to pot them up into bigger pots to overwinter in the glasshouse :). Fingers crossed for your babies. You should be able to grow all kinds of things there Hannah. Looking forwards to seeing your adventures in horticulture sometime in the future. Are you still crocheting? You do some gorgeous work :)

      2. That’s certainly reassuring! It’s tough watching those hard black seeds sit around day after day, looking rather lifeless… It’s hard being patient, but these plants clearly have minds of their own.

        I’m not crocheting so much these days, but I actually began learning metalwork thanks to one of my art electives this semester. It’s incredibly difficult because I’ve never done anything like it before, but also rewarding when I can hold something in my hands that I’ve fabricated from scratch. Everything is still very rough at this point, mind you, but I sure wish I could turn it into something more…

      3. You will get the gist of the basics and then you can free your imagination up a bit to think of things that you can make. Have you tried making jewellery out of metal? I have a friend who fashions small metal rings out of copper and makes gorgeous chainmail type jewellery. The sky is the limit once you get those basic skills in the bag :). Think back to when I got those little black seeds and work out how long it has taken them to germinate… about 2 months? That’s a LONG time and we are in summer! Just leave them and as soon as it starts to heat up they will pop up :)

  2. I did a web search to find the author of Vegan Desserts (which I recently purchased). I question the recipe for coco-nut macaroons on page 29. Instructions say to use a food process for the tofu – but the recipe doesn’t call for tofu. Instead it calls for crunchy peanut butter, but never tells me when to add it. Am I correct in assuming tofu and peanut butter have been switched? I’d love to try this recipe but would like to know which ingredients to use.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the trouble- I’ve posted this correction on the Errata page on the tab at the top of the blog, but to save you the time of looking it up, here’s the correction:

      For the Coco-Nut Macaroons on pg. 29, the instructions call for tofu to be pureed in a food processor, but rest assured, there is no tofu involved. A previous trial used tofu, but I wasn’t happy with it, and reworked the recipe completely; I must have forgotten to remove that step. Make the cookies as directed after that point, adding in the peanut butter to the main mixture first and combining everything in a standard medium-sized bowl.

    1. I don’t have any formal web store, but I would be more than happy (thrilled, honestly) to print on demand. I’m just touched that you would ask! As luck would have it, I did actually print this one out at 8 x 10 inches on metallic paper already, if you’re interested… Otherwise it’s no problem to whip up any other size or finish, of course.

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