No Cook? No Sweat

When it gets hot enough to bake cookies in the car, a considerable portion of the day is devoted to simply staying cool. Just flipping on the AC will never be an effective line of defense against this unstoppable foe, finding every crack in the foundation to slip right through. That’s assuming the increasing demands on electricity don’t cause power outages in the first place. Each summer is only getting hotter than the last, so we need better ways to stay cool.

Step Away From The Stove

The key is to generate as little heat as possible. There’s no need to adopt a fully raw diet, but who wants to eat a boiling vat of thick stew right now anyway? Still kissed from the chill of the fridge, no-cook recipes are the refreshing, re-invigorating ways to beat the heat.

Eat Well With Ease

Stay far away from the oven, put away that saute pan, and embrace a fresher approach to summertime meals. Fortunately, with such a wealth of incredible produce waiting in the markets, they don’t need extensive prep work to be transformed into unforgettable seasonal treats.

15 Best Vegan No-Cook Recipes

Chill out and enjoy healthy plant-based meals and snacks that won't make you lose your cool! These are the staples you'll want to eat on repeat all summer long.

4 thoughts on “No Cook? No Sweat

  1. My taste buds are tingling.. and yes its Salad season here right now.. Our tomatoes are ripening so is lettuce, spring onions beetroot, radish and cucumbers.. Lovely ideas Hannah.. xx <3

  2. So many delicious ways to step away from the stove. The hard decision is deciding which no cook recipe to try first. But that lychee ceviche is calling our name- might try this one first.

  3. Oh wow, these no-cook recipes are a real game-changer for the hot summer days! I couldn’t agree more with the need to stay away from the stove during scorching weather. The Strawberry Gazpacho sounds like the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and the Thai-Style Zucchini Ribbon Salad is sure to bring a burst of flavor with those chili peppers

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