Breakfasts to Savor

A new day is dawning in the kitchen, jostling the soundest of sleepers awake. Far removed from the dusty boxes of cereal and granola bars, bold, bright aromas infused with spice and umami fill the air. Though the standard American diet leans heavily on sweets for the “most important meal of the day,” polls have shown that the majority of those chowing down before noon prefer a savory breakfast.

Skip the batter, forget the flour, and stick firm slabs of tofu straight into the waffle iron for a high-protein foundation to hold a deeply umami lashing of espresso-spiked gravy. Waffled Tofu with Red Eye Gravy provides a hearty, gluten-free vehicle for enjoying this thick, creamy sauce enriched with sautéed mushrooms without any regrets.

If dry cereal is more your speed, you’ll be bowled over by Curried Coconut Granola. Warmly spiced clusters of thick oats and coconut flakes are baked to golden-brown perfection with minimal added oil. They’re perfect for sprinkling over unsweetened yogurt, plain oatmeal, soups, salads, or simply eating out of hand.

Craving buttery pastries, flaky and crisp? Skip the sugary frosting and syrupy fruit filling with Cheesy Broccoli and Bac-un Toaster Tarts. White bean-based cheese sauce fills flaky pastry pockets along with smoky bites of tempeh bac-un and tender-crisp broccoli florets.

Some Americans consume eggs in the morning, but have you heard of the latest Indian street food sensation taking the world by storm? Bread Omelets wrap up a fusion of French toast, scrambled eggs, and an egg sandwich all in one neat package. My vegan version is made with chickpea flour seasoned with black salt for the same sensation, without the eggs or dairy.

South of the border, Chilaquiles have been an essential staple for using up stale tortilla chips but take on greater flavor when prepared fresh, from scratch. Homemade corn tortilla chips are baked and not fried in this take on breakfast nachos. Little prep or planning is needed to throw together fresh salsa, black beans, and diced avocado in a meal that can be scaled for one or one dozen.

Tall stacks of pancakes dripping with syrup may sound dreamy, but the sugar crash soon to follow isn’t quite as satisfying. For a substantial morning meal that will power you through the day, skip the sugary stuff. The breakfast revolution will not be sweetened.

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11 thoughts on “Breakfasts to Savor

  1. All these sound and look delicious, Hannah, although I’ve certainly never thought of putting tofu in a waffle iron. Last night I tried a new recipe for stuffed mini pepper and the tofu-based filling was delicious!

    1. Stuffed foods are so much fun! I’ll admit to being too lazy to actually stuff things most of the time, and just eat the filling plain. ;)

  2. Great ideas! At the holidays over the years with kids at home, I’d make an effort to make cranberry-studded kuchens and ebelskivers, and nobody really liked them. So I gave up. I’ve now switched to breakfasts like shakshuka and everyone is happier. And I don’t have to bake and stress!

    1. Sounds like a win-win! Shakshuka is definitely a favorite of mine too. It’s especially easy now that there are so many great egg alternatives on the market.

  3. I love all your ideas for breakfast, but my breakfast time mostly is porridge oats with berries or my vegan egg roll.

    1. I totally understand! I typically keep it simple too, but it’s nice to do something different every now and then. I do adore your fluffy eggs though! I’ll have to try it ASAP.

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