Wordless Wednesday: The Dirt on Real Food

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Dirt on Real Food

  1. A little dirt is good for you anyway. Just seeing those carrots makes me happy. The difference in taste from the usual ones in the bags is unbelievable. The next best to these for us are the multi-colored organic ones from Trader Joe’s. So good but often people don’t know what they are when you serve them as there are white one and red ones, red being our favorite.

    The Environmental Working Group just came out with the latest Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen. It’s so helpful yet often so depressing to see what’s on the Dirty Dozen list. Gotta get to the farmer’s market here soon now that I’ve gotten vaccinated!


    1. Absolutely! It sounds crazy unless you’ve had it, but juice from fresh, GOOD carrots is as sweet as candy. It’s one of my greatest indulgences, since it just takes so much work. time and care to enjoy.

      I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re vaccinated, too!

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