Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peas

Some may find it crude. Some may be downright offended. I’ve simply decided to fully embrace all the pea-ness that this fleeting spring harvest has to offer. Really, there’s no way of going back at this point. I’ve already pea’d on my pizza. I even pea’d on my toast– At work, no less! Dining alfreso has been a true joy as the weather continues to improve, allowing me to pea outside with Luka, too. It’s safe to say that I’m going to keep on pea-ing everywhere until this stream of inspiration runs dry.

Did you really think I could resist sharing another pea-s of my mind before the short growing season passed us by? Girl, peas.

Hungry but tired after a full day of work, I seriously had to pea by the time dinner rolled around. Riffling through the fridge and pantry yielded a few delectable treasures to create an instant, effortless peas de résistance. Spinach and ricotta ravioli, quickly sauteed in garlic and butter, needs no further culinary intervention to shine, but a light sprinkle of coarse black pepper and crunchy veggie bacon certainly didn’t hurt.

Still, for all that fancy frippery, the real focal point of this meal was still those glorious green orbs; the overall combination easily a-peas’d my appetite.

8 thoughts on “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peas

  1. Your dinner looks tempting:) I love peas, but prefer them fresh from the pod. In Finland they so belong to the summer, and people buy bags of peas in the market, and eat them while strolling around:)

  2. Yes, I do fall in love with these sweet little green peas and keep peaing when fresh peas are available plentiful ! Your peas ravioli looks devilishly good !!

  3. I fear my pantry is woefully under-supplied and is lacking in ravioli and fresh peas. A trip to the store is required as I must be a-peas-ed.

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