Toast, of the French Persuasion

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Such is the case today with my prized spring break. In just a few short hours, I’ll find myself back in that institution of learning, where nothing is actually taught.

But reflecting back on the wonderful week now passing, I’ve discovered that I’m one of those rare, perhaps nearly mythical… Morning people. Yes, there is nothing that I savor more than waking up early, the house to myself, and watching the sun rise through the numerous kitchen windows. Coffee in hand, I have all the time in the world to think, to do whatever I desire – The whole day is ahead of me, and there are no commitments for me to fulfill. I can make whatever I want of it, and to me, I find this feeling to be exhilarating.

It would make sense that I’m a lover of breakfast food, right? I wish it were that simple… Of course I am, but I almost never get these beautiful, picture-perfect mornings, even on regular old weekends. It’s always school this and appointments that, so any time that I do get to make a real breakfast…. Usually ends up being for dinner. I know, better than nothing, but… It’s just not the same!

So I took advantage of the situation and tried something I’d never attempted before… french toast. Since I had never tasted regular french toast, I had no way of comparing the vegan version to it, but on its own, I thought it was delightful. My mom was even surprised – To her, what’s french toast but milky, eggy bread? Rediculously easy and delicious, even on those less-that-gorgeous weekend days.





2 thoughts on “Toast, of the French Persuasion

  1. OH my gosh, after looking at all your glorious pictures of knit food, I was convinced that you had KNITTED this French toast!!!

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