So Cheesey

I've been experimenting with making my own patterns again…


…And so I've come up with this, mushroom / onion pizza!  I'm still not entirely satisfied with the look of the mushrooms, but I think it works overall…  My nutritionist hinted that knit pizza would be awesome in her office, and since she's getting married in two weeks and will be off the job for some time, I wanted her last gift from me to be extra special.  I'm really happy for her, she's such a wonderfully kind person and deserves someone who agrees to the millionth degree.

Anyways, if there's any interest out there, I could write up the instructions for the pizza pattern sometime later this week…  Any takers? 

6 thoughts on “So Cheesey

  1. I had pizza for supper tonight, and I want some more. Knitted pizza would be best at this time of night however, otherwise there won’t be any left for breakfast tomorrow!
    Is the pattern easy to do?

    I just surfed in from craftster, BTW. But I’ll stop and look around.
    … (time passes) …
    OK I only looked as far down on this page as I could go.

    Your Flower Basket Shawl is beautiful! Even in all its purpleness!
    I’ll take a raincheck on the pdf (I need something more instantly gratifying at the moment.), but I may take you up on it in the future.

    As for the tofu smelling bad: I learned a trick from someone who said their tofu always smelled bad when they brought it home.
    They would open the package and drain off the liquid it was in. Then put it in a closed container in the fridge – covering it with water – after rinsing the surface of the tofu with some clean running water (before putting it in the container of water).
    I think they also mentioned replacing the water in the container quite often. Daily, if I remember correctly.

    Being lazy, I used to just check it with my eyes – to make sure the water was still clear. And with my nose – to make sure it hadn’t started to smell again.
    I probably only changed the water every couple of days or so – just in case.

    Of course this is all assuming the tofu wasn’t past its due date – which could be a whole other reason for the bad smell.

    Sorry that one mega-comment isn’t as exciting to find as several scattered all over the place.

    Happy knitting.

  2. I would love to know how to knit a pizza! How awesome is that to create your own FUNtastic pattern?!?!?

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