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Home cooking has taken on greater importance over the past few years. Rising interest in food overall had already tipped the scales in favor of more homemade meals, and then the pandemic hit, making it a beacon of hope amid dwindling choices. For those with demanding schedules, tight budgets, tricky dietary restrictions, or limited experience, the shift has been anything but palatable.

Go ahead, take it easy. Laura Theodore is revitalizing comfort food as we know it, giving everyone the tools to create healthy, hearty, home cooked meals on their own terms. That means accessible ingredients, user-friendly instructions, and even low-impact clean up when it’s all said and done. If you’re craving a bite of nostalgia with better nutrition, Easy Vegan Home Cooking has exactly what you need.

BBQ Tempeh Triangles (p. 136)

Everything prepared in your own kitchen qualifies as “home cooking,” but there’s deeper meaning to the concept than such a basic definition can allow. Traditionally, the term implies comfort food, something made with intention, love, and care. It’s not fancy, and sometimes even downright ugly, but each bite feeds more than just the basic need for fuel. Takeout can never rise to such heights.

Laura’s Blueberry-Banana Smoothie (p. 41)

Easy Vegan Home Cooking includes over 125 cozy, comforting recipes that transform minimal ingredients into deeply satisfying meals. Bucking the conventional notion that soulful, crave-worthy cooking needs to make nutritional compromises, these dishes are notably low in added oil, salt, and sugar. Removing such cheap crutches lets fresh flavors do the talking instead.

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Butternut Squash Soup (p. 76)

You’ve gotta taste it to believe it. That’s why I’m excited to share this giveaway for a copy of Easy Vegan Home Cooking by Laura Theodore! To enter, let me know in the comment section below what “home cooking” means to you, and what your most essential home cooked meal is. Don’t forget to come back and register your entry in the giveaway widget, along with additional opportunities to win.

Easy Vegan Home Cooking by Laura Theodore

19 thoughts on “DO Try This At Home

  1. Home cooking are those recipes you go back to over and over and that your children ask for when they grow up!! Ours are vegan chili with black and red beans and grated tempeh and roaster broccoli.

  2. Home cooking to me says it’s made with love :) hoping to win this cookbook for a dear friend who is trying to eat more vegan food and recently discovered they’re celiac. I’d like them to feel nourished and loved as they navigate their new dietary restriction.

  3. home cooking to me is just good basic food that is comforting. plus it means i don’t have to worry about what went into and if it is something i can – and want to – eat.

  4. A meal that has you wrapped in a hug is home cooking to me … even if it’s a piece of cinnamon toast on a day that’s left you feeling alone. It could also be a bowl of rich stew on a snowy afternoon — that’s what I’m making now :-)

  5. To me home cooking is cooking from scratch or almost scratch. I would say at this time it would be pasta dishes for the most essential meals.

  6. I love home cooking as I’m allergic to onions and vegan food without onions is hard to come by in other kitchens. My favorite is spaghetti.

  7. Home cooking to me is anything you would consider a Sunday-supper….takes a little longer to make than average weeknight meal, usually something your mom made growing up like a casserole or big spaghetti dinner.

  8. I’ve not won anything yet, but hope springs eternal. :-) Home cooking would include what my husband calls “signature dishes”, the ones he says will “seal the deal” with your person of interest. :-) My signature is is probably spaghetti carbonara but I also do homemade ravioli.

      1. Whew, thank goodness! I’m so glad the issue was resolved!

  9. Home cooking is just delicious, real food prepared at home. It can be easy or complicated. My go to for myself is beans and rice of some kind. Also, frequent at my house is a big, beautiful chopped salad with many ingredients! (Greens, raw and cooked veggies, berries, apple, etc)

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