Wordless Wednesday: Salad Days

ATX Food Co – Squash Party Salad, Donburi Bowl, Wild Mushroom Tacos

Bouldin Creek Cafe – Good Livin’ Salad

Cafe Umami – Tofu Salad Bowl

MIXT – Design Your Own Salads

Nom Eez – Papaya Salad (CLOSED)

Sweetgrass- Matcha Caesar Salad (CLOSED)

The Beer Plant – Chicken Caesar Salad

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Salad Days

    1. Yes, it really does break my heart that I wasn’t able to get the word out in time for so many places. It’s going to be tough to write the restaurant obituaries at the end of the year…

  1. Just lovely Hannah.. We are having a Large Salad this evening with New potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, beetroot, courgette and lemon cucumber … ALL fresh from the allotments… Yum…. Have a great week πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–Hannah love Sue ..

    1. That does sound wonderful! So fresh, vibrant, and varied. I could never get tired of salads because they can be anything and everything, really. Thanks for sharing your latest combination. :)

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