Quarantine Kitchen

Now more than ever, as the very earth seems to shift beneath our feet, we’re finding comfort and solace in simple pleasures. Drawn back into the kitchen, the heart of the home, even those who once claimed to despise the domesticity of cooking are deftly, urgently tying on their aprons. Exactly what is everyone cooking, though? What is it that speaks most to the soul in times of crisis, that nourishes physically and emotionally?

Google would like to weigh in.

Below is a list of the top ten most searched recipes on Google since quarantine conditions began around mid-March, followed by my personal suggestions for corresponding dishes found right here on little old BitterSweet.

What are you craving most?

Top 10 Recipe Searches During Coronavirus Quaratine

Stuck at home with scant entertainment and unsatisfying work, there's no better way to spend your time than a warm kitchen. Here are the most popular recipes cooks are making across the country right now, separated by physical distance but together in spirit.

7 thoughts on “Quarantine Kitchen

  1. Bagels and Miyoko’s Unloxed Cream cheese. It has become my morning ritual, half a bagel, add capers, onions, tomatoes, salt, and a little Tones Six Pepper for a kick. Just like what I had growing up… but better.

    1. Well that just sounds like a little bite of heaven. I love that cream cheese! Honestly, it’s about good enough to eat by the spoonful.

  2. Since lockdown began I’ve cooked and baked loads. I’ve made roasted parsnip and sweet potato soup, sweet potato and lentil soup, vegetable soup and today, celeriac soup. I’ve baked soda bread and traditional yeasted bread, banana, chocolate and ginger cake, hidden zebra cake, lemon drizzle cake and devonshire scones. Oh, and home made yogurt too. Lots of comfort eating!

    1. I love it! You’re certainly not wasting time over there and making the most of the situation. This definitely calls for comfort food in all forms. Soups and sweets are right on point.

  3. Seeing a trend here and it looks like comfort food seems to be where most are looking. Everything on your list looks absolutely delicious and it looks like we have missed a few of your recipes and need to round back and give them a go.

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