[Almost] Wordless Wednesday: Bet the Ranch

Rancho Compasión provides a home to former farm animals that have been neglected, exploited, and abused. Founded by Miyoko and Michael Schinner, this sanctuary is hidden away in Nicasio, California, surrounded by redwood trees, thriving wildlife, and longstanding farming culture. These efforts are all made possible with the support of compassionate donors. It all began with just two goats, and has since blossomed to provide a place of refuge for over 70 animals, including chickens, pigs, cows, and many more.

Their overall mission is to provide shelter and care for rescued farm animals for their entire natural lifespans, while educating visitors and students to help them rethink how they view animals typically categorized as “food”. Rancho Compasión promotes and advocates for a vegan lifestyle for the animals, for our planet and for our health.

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