Fall Back Plan

Wet leaves slap the windshield, leaving teardrops in their wake, smearing across the glass before spreading their wings and fluttering away. Driving through a light autumnal drizzle is strikingly more depressing than a gentle summer rain. Fog obscures the road, blurring signs and stoplights into hazy, shapeless colors. I feel like my whole head is full of damp cotton balls by the time I finally shift gears to park.

Fall is not my favorite season, but by no fault of its own. Signaling the end of summer, it’s merely the messenger, doomed to be shot every year. I shiver as I watch temperatures slowly fall, regardless of how warm it really feels. I storm angrily through piles of leaves, even if there’s only one small mound pushed together on an entire block. The truth is, there’s still a lot to love about fall, and almost all of if it is food.

Do you welcome the arrival of the autumnal equinox with open arms, or reluctant acceptance? One thing we can all appreciate is a return of cozy comfort foods with all their warming spices, hearty starches, and nostalgic aromas. There’s a handful of recipes that always set me in the right mood and remind me, in spite of my irrepressible pessimism: Hey, it turns out that autumn isn’t all bad.


6 thoughts on “Fall Back Plan

  1. Beautiful dishes and pictures:)
    I do welcome fall here, although there isn’t really a fall here, and it still is really warm. But I wait eagerly for some colder weather, maybe next month…
    Have a lovely week Hannah:)

    1. Same here, that’s for sure! I’m in no rush, but it’s crazy to look at the forecast for the majority of the US, by contrast. At least it never gets all that cold in most places in Israel, right? Much like California!

  2. Although Phoenix doesn’t have a true fall, the fact that we can open all the windows and doors to the cooler weather is a relief from the stifling heat of the summer. Soon the warmth from the oven and the wonderful smells emanating from within will fill our home. Looking forward to trying some of your beautiful and tasty dishes to celebrate the changing season.

    1. It’s true; it feels and looks nothing like fall here in the bay area, too. October is usually our true summer with some of the hottest temperatures of the year. It was over 80 degrees today anyway! I’m still happy to start indulging in warm spices though… Even if they might come in the form of iced pumpkin lattes. ;)

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