Snack Happy

Blindly groping through my overstuffed bag, I fumble with the house keys, stray business cards, forgotten orphaned earrings, but of course not the target of my increasingly urgent search. It’s pushing well past the dinner hour and I’m still stuck in transit, stomach rumbling, far from a proper meal. Where are those meatless jerky strips I always tuck into the side pockets? There should at least be an old, slightly smushed protein bar languishing at the bottom. Hell, I’d even take an stale pack of crackers, pulverized to a finely powdered state right about now. Just when my desperation reaches fever pitch, I hit pay dirt: Olives.

Majestic purple Kalamata olives, briny and rich like red wine, these edible jewels are a gift straight from the Greek gods. They say that hunger is the best spice, but even without a gnawing emptiness in my stomach, they’re a real savory treat to behold. Sometimes it’s the firm bite of a pimiento-stuffed Spanish Manzanilla olive that comes to my rescue, or a meaty black olive, whole or sliced. It’s not your traditional snack pack; it’s far more satisfying.

Providing the antidote to sugary packaged snacks, Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives offer satisfyingly savory relief for the everyday snack attack. No excess liquid to spill, no refrigeration necessary, these perfectly portioned little disposable cups are the ultimate travel companions.

Olives are cultivated all over the world, so shouldn’t they have a place in your everyday adventures, near and far? Personally, I would never leave home without reliably delicious sustenance on my side. Have snacks, will travel!

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9 thoughts on “Snack Happy

    1. Whaat? You mean to tell me you’re an actual olive hater? I didn’t think it was possible! Perhaps you just haven’t tried the right olives yet… I have some good ones I might recommend to change your mind… ;)

  1. Olives:) The supermarket in my neighborhood carries a wide selection of different olives, and in the park next to my home there are 2 olive trees, but they don’t really produce any good olives.. Love that picture of yours with snacks:)

    1. To have local, fresh olives sounds like a dream. I just visited an olive farm and now really wish I could experiment with making my own small batches of olive oil.

  2. I had olives in a vending machine recently at work, and it was like winning the lottery. I had getting those hunger pangs and only having chips and sweets available. Your picture is absolutely stunning. Seriously, is that your lunch? Because if so, you are doing it right!

    1. Aw, you’re so kind! I don’t often have the opportunity to pack a lunch, but I relish it when I can. Honestly, I should just have more impromptu picnics while it’s still warm out.

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