Silent Sunday: Gilroy Garlic Festival

14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Gilroy Garlic Festival

  1. This sounds(and looks) fabulous in the best of garlicky ways! Thanks for posting about it. For all your fans in and near the Southeast area of the country, and I know they must count in the millions, there is a great Garlic Fest here in FL, too:, nicknamed – “The Best Stinkin’ Party in Town”. I love garlic and just moved, permanently, to SE-FL on 7/25, and hope to attend this aromatic event next February. I can’t imagine existing without garlic! Is it a spice, is it an herb, is it in the onion family? I don’t care – I love it and all its charms!

    1. I had no clue there were other garlic festivals elsewhere in the country! I guess it’s only fair to spread the garlic love around though. Garlic really is pretty darned magical. I don’t trust any person who claims to not like garlic.

    1. Goodness, what doesn’t go well with garlic?! I can tell you that I have one amazing garlic-infused cashew scampi recipe going into my upcoming cookbook… Oh, and a garlic bread soup, too! Sorry for the tease; I can’t wait to share more details!

  2. It’s been a long while since the last time I was at that garlic festival. If I remember correctly, it was very hot even early in the morning and there was basically nothing vegan. Hopefully that has changed since. :-)

    1. One would think that California, of all places, when a festival is going on that there would be Vegan choices of eats! I mean, come on, we’re talkin’ the Sprout Capitol of the Planet here!!

      1. It’s true, but I’m sad to say that there’s a dearth of vegan options for miles around here. You’re looking at the full extent of plant-based edibles right above! Even the garlic mushrooms are sauteed in butter, as are the grilled ears of corn, and so forth. Plan to make a stop on the way there, and the way back, for actual food.

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