Bowl-ed and Beautiful

A hoarder by trade but a minimalist at heart, bridging the gap between these disparate impulses can be a herculean task. Dishware stacks up in towering piles on every shelf of my small living space, populating the cabinets and drawers, overflowing into the outdoor shed, and still it’s a strain to find homes for every odd garnish. A riotous collection of colors and shapes, few pieces match a full set, but each one can command equal attention in the right scene. Such is the struggle of the average food photographer, forever adding to the archive of possible plating options. Particularly unusual or unique finds hold particular allure, but truth be told, it’s inevitably the simplest options that get the most play.

Everything looks good on white, setting off any food in sharp contrast like a bright spotlight, allowing the recipe itself to shine. Clean lines draw the eye smoothly around the composition overall, comfortably guiding a visual path back to the “hero” of the moment. Bowls like these are invaluable because no matter the theme or concept for any given assignment, these supporting actors always play a crucial role, without breaking a sweat.

Quality whites are essential even if you aren’t building a feast fit to photograph. The gentle plunging rims of these cereal bowls are an ideal example of form meeting function. When Sweese approached me with the opportunity to share this set, I couldn’t believe my (and hopefully your) luck. I’ve found myself using them for daily meals as well as more fanciful composed photo shoots. Win your very own set of four 28-ounce porcelain bowls by leaving me a comment about what you would serve in them first! Log your submission by following this link to the official contest page and find more ways to enter while you’re there. You have until July 25th to throw your hat into the ring; don’t miss this chance to make a bowl-ed statement!

Winning may not help control the overzealous prop shopper, but at least your place settings can look perfectly orderly and uncluttered.

22 thoughts on “Bowl-ed and Beautiful

  1. These bowls are so simple yet beautiful. I’d use them for many things but maybe first is go for something equally simple and beautiful, like s mixture of fresh whole strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Hm…. or maybe a watermelon tomato salad with a touch of fresh basil and (vegan?) feta.,. The possibilities are endless. Now I’m hungry!😋

  2. These are truly beautiful. I would use them to serve Vegan ice cream with berries and granola or one of my delicious vegan soups; hard to decide. I’d use them constantly!

  3. These are gorgeous! I would use them for yogurt, smoothies, soup…so many possibilities! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  4. I love the shape of these bowls, Hannah, and although I’m sure I won’t win, as I rarely do, that’s fine. I will imagine serving my signature farmer’s market dessert in them: an apple cider doughnut topped with mixed berries and drizzled with just a bit of honey. Or, if it’s breakfast time, my homemade granola also topped with berries. Or… I’m must stop. I’m making myself hungry. But I do agree that simple beauty makes things better.


  5. I am moving to FL this Saturday, 7/22/17, and would love to have one of my celebration meals, with my brother and sister-in-law, to be in these bowls. I would make the tastiest multi-ingredient Ramen dish with all sorts of spices, starting with a savory veg broth, then – fresh ginger, soba noodles, avocado, carrot, tomato, a dollop of quinoa and one of brown rice(yes, I love rice with my noodles!), baked tofu cubes, green onion, sweet peas, and just make it as colorful, tasty, and tantalizing as possible, as I LOVE noodle bowls!

  6. it’s summer and i am greedily scarfing down peaches. I’ve been meaning to make a peach cobbler so that would probably go into the bowl first. with or without vegan ice cream on top.

  7. I would serve some cashew milk-based ice cream in these bowls first – they provide lots of room for the ice cream to get nice and melty (and therefore it spreads out, haha), just how I love it.

  8. The first thing I’d serve is strawberries with frozen vegan whip and toppings. It’s my favorite cool dessert for the summer!

  9. Seamless and pristine; the shape reminds me of a rustic, handmade boat floating in a quiet part of the Amazon River!!

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