Food Photo Friday: Street Eats

Falafel Pocket Sandwich and Banana Milkshake from The Flying Falafel

Tempeh Buffalo Wingz from Rhizocali Tempeh

Beer and “Cheese” Potato Skins from S&M Vegan

Veggie Sushi Burrito from Sushi Taka

Snap Pea Fries from Dusty Buns

Farmers Market Salad from Hella Vegan

“Chicken” and Waffles from Hella Vegan

Vegetable Lumpia from No Worries

Eggplant and Soy Chicken Adobo from No Worries

12 thoughts on “Food Photo Friday: Street Eats

  1. Your food photography is so inspiring — you make me want to be a better photographer. Almost as much as you make me want to go out in search of street food!

  2. These are all lovely & I have to work hard at trying to reproduce them myself with what’s available but it’s really difficult! For instance, What would be inside ‘Buffalo Wings’ as Buffalo don’t have wings – they look like chicken nuggets to me! The Burrito Sushi & Beer/”Cheese” Potato Skins, the sauce with the sugar-snap peas – It would be really helpful if your own recipes suggesting what to use for us home-cooks, especially for those of us that live 3000 miles away in the UK without this vegan street food (the UK in my case)!!!

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