Silent Saturday: Winter Market

13 thoughts on “Silent Saturday: Winter Market

    1. Yes indeed, at least, it’s one of the many local farmers markets bits incredible, I swear there’s a market every day in a different neighborhood. I’m incredibly lucky to consider them all “local” for now!

  1. Even though we are in an artificial heatwave caused by 2 cyclones (now downgraded to tropical rain depressions) in the North of Australia and I am sitting here in practically my underwear, sweating profusely in 30C almost 90% humidity I am able to appreciate these gorgeous wintery images. It gives me hope that someday soon it will be winter here again! I love your close up work Hannah. You put so much of yourself into them. They are never standard and there is always something interesting, whether it be a viewpoint or colour, that makes them completely and always ‘yours’ :). TOO hot for standing around a pizza oven. Stevie-boy has decamped to buy beer. Beer makes everything better…

  2. Lovely photos! Can’t decide which is my favorite. Gotta say it’s between the first one of the barista doing a pour over coffee and the pizza being pulled out of the stone oven.

    Love farmers markets. They Are full of life and great produce.

  3. Hi, I am more familiar with pears and persimmons than I am with custard apples which grow in the tropical north of Australia. Persimmons are quite a treat.

    I agree there is something very sensory about a market and your photographs convey that very well.

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