Photo Friday: “Winter” Fashion Shoot on Treasure Island

Makeup, hair, wardrobe, and modeling by the lovely and talented Colleen Holland.

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday: “Winter” Fashion Shoot on Treasure Island

  1. Beautiful pics and I absolutely love the dress! This is what winter looks where you took these photos?? If so your very lucky, it was 2 degrees this morning where I live so I will be waiting a few more months until I am able to wear anything like this lol!!

    1. It’s so true, I’m incredibly lucky to consider that 70-degree sunny day as part of “winter” this season. It’s even harder to believe how bad the snow is back on the east coast… But even more proof that I should just stay out west! ;) Hope things warm up for you too soon.

  2. Hannah! These photos turned out lovely. It was so fun working with you, and I look forward to seeing you soon! xoxo

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