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Hands down, the best part about being a freelance photographer is when exciting new projects practically fall into my lap, and my greatest struggle is figuring out how to say “YES!” without sounding like an overeager puppy. A rare occurrence indeed, that intermittent system of rewards has me hooked, reinforced by the random, incredible opportunities that happen to come my way. After recently being recruited by Carina Comer to shoot the cover of her premier cookbook, Freedom Cookie Press, that addiction has only grown stronger.

Though the work of creating the cookies and capturing their best sides was deeply satisfying, having such delicious treats to enjoy at the end of the day was the greatest payoff. Featuring a cookie inspired by each of the fifty United States, baking your way through this innovative collection is like taking an edible road trip, without ever leaving the comfort of your own kitchen. Pictured here on the cover are the CT Nutmeg Doodles, TX Texmex Wedding Cookies, and OR Flowering Filbert Petit Fours, to provide some insight on the creative combinations that Carina has dreamed up. Though nostalgic and comforting in a way that only heartfelt recipes can be, these aren’t your grandma’s cookies, and you’re not likely to find such daring sweet flavors anywhere else.

I may be completely biased, but take my word for it: Freedom Cookie Press, hot of the digital presses, is truly a must-buy for anyone with a sweet tooth!

23 thoughts on “Freedom Cookie Press

  1. Maybe it was a last-minute change, but the B&N site lists the title as ‘Freedom of the Cookie Press’ which makes more sense in keeping with the book’s theme. The recipes cover such a wide range of flavors and techniques on its unique journey –clever concept!

  2. I really like that concept! It’d be a fun party to have everyone bake cookies from the states they have lived in!

  3. Hannah– I’m beginning to sound like a faulty record player–but those pictures are awesome! (Gotta get myself a thesaurus for more synonyms of “breath taking”, “stunning” et al.)

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