Cash[ew] is King

Well, it’s about time! Considering the proliferation of non-dairy milks, populating grocery stores near and far in unprecedented numbers, it seems unthinkable that cashews have been entirely missing in action… Until now. Who better than to unleash the world’s first commercial cashew milk than So Delicious, having proven their mastery of both frozen and refrigerated dairy-free delights? Before I even realized my own unfulfilled nut milk desires, this turned out to be the creamy drink I had been waiting for all along.

Almond milk is my typical go-to milk alternative, a prime candidate for drinking, baking, cooking, and yes, ice cream-ing. From here on in, consider that prime spot in my fridge under serious reconsideration, because So Delicious’ cashew milk performs all of those tasks with equal grace, and of course, great taste. Currently offered in only two flavors, Unsweetened Vanilla and Unsweetened, my only hope would be that the line takes off and expands to include a chocolate option, for those nostalgic chocolate milk cravings.

Both have an excellent viscosity, a moderate thickness without any cloying sensation. Though considerably less rich than homemade cashew milk, for a mere fraction of the calories (35 per cup) it tastes surprisingly creamy and even slightly decadent. A very subtle nutty flavor defines their background flavor, distinctly cashew in essence, and easily minimized when mixed into other recipes. Bearing a clean flavor with no sugar to speak of, they can seamlessly work in any application, a testament to their versatility.

In short, if you don’t give these cashew milks a try, you’re seriously missing out! They may very well replace my almond standby, at least once they gain wider distribution in more mainstream grocery stores.

Don’t just take my word for it, go try them out yourself! I happen to have two freebie coupons in my possession, and I’d much rather they be in your hands, ASAP. If you’d like to win one, leave me a comment by August 30th at midnight EST telling me about non-dairy milk. Write about anything at all, whether it’s a recipe for your favorite variety, a funny story that involves the dairy-free drink, or even a love sonnet if you feel so inspired. Just make sure you fill out your name and a valid email address in the appropriate boxes so I know who to contact. Two winners will be drawn and contacted shortly after the entry period closes. Good luck!

And the winners, as chosen by the wisdom of the random number generator are…

Commenters #14 and #37, otherwise known as Mrs Zuvers and workingonworkingmom. Congrats you two! Expect to hear from me shortly with details on how to collect your prizes.

51 thoughts on “Cash[ew] is King

  1. Almond Milk has transformed the dairy free baking experience for kosher keepers, vegans and those with lactose intolerance. I am so happy to finally be able to bake delicious items without any weird chemicals in my margarine or milk substitutes. I am open to trying Cashew Milk, for sure.

  2. Naturally, the 12-year-old inside this 27-year-old body thinks immediately of the following when it comes to professing love for any kind of vanilla non-dairy milk: Christina and non-dairy, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

    I’ll stop it there, ’cause I’m not willing to declare any wishes of marriage with inanimate objects.

    Thanks for this generous offer, Hannah. I’ve long been devoted to cashew butter, but I’m very curious about the milks it produces. Woo! Cheers—to you!

  3. Nut milk made my going plant- based diet a success… Can not wait for. Cashew milk on my grocery shelves!you made my day sunshine girl!
    Thanks !!!

  4. I am allergic to almonds so almond milk is out for me. I cannot wait to try cashew milk! Finally a nut milk for those of us who can’t do almonds! I can’t wait to see it on the shelves at my store!

  5. As a vegan, I’m open to all non-dairy milk options. My husband, however, does not like anything other than unsweetened soy milk. I can’t wait to have him try cashew milk!

  6. Husband and I love almond milk, so we’re super curious about the cashew milk. Great to see more options!

  7. Ooh I would love to try this. I have been making homemade cashew milk a lot for a client who has soy/almond/hemp/oat/hazelnut/rice allergies. Since it’s unsweetened it might actually be a usable option for her. Most of the store bought cashew milks have brown rice syrup in them already.

  8. My hubby adores almond milk, while I love chocolate soy milk. I’d love to try the cashew. It sounds amazing!

  9. I am SOOO excited for this. I’m one of those vegans (years ago I was an omnivore), who enjoys all manner of faux-animal products, the more realistic, the better (hey, I can think animals shouldn’t be killed and eaten but also think they taste good). Cashews really seem to be able to grasp the buttery, savory aspects of dairy that is missing in commercial non-dairy milks. And my blender just cannot blend cashews into the milk that I read about in all the vegan recipes. So to finally be able to just buy it, UGH THE CREAM SAUCES I WILL MAKE.

  10. I love your very original appetizing pics but I prefer making my own nutmilks because in Belgium, we only have soy milk, Rice milk & almond milk, they are all way too sweet & there are bad things in them & bad sugary etc!
    I know this brand! I tasted & tested their products while I was in Berlin for 10 days, a while ago! This cashew milk sounds very interesting though!

  11. This looks great! I love almond milk, but only the refrigerated sort. I find the shelf-stable to be too watery, plus it tends to curdle in tea. It sounds like this might be a creamier shelf-stable option, which I’d love! It’s great to have extra on hand in case I run out.

  12. I’m not a vegan, but I’ve always hated the taste of cow milk. By contrast, I’m in love with almond milk. It froths up so well for making cappuccino. I have high hopes for cashew milk.

  13. I made Mango Blueberry ice cream last nite, with Unsweetened Almond Milk (Trader Joe’s) and maple syrup. It was a little disappointing. I think it would have been better with coconut milk or cashew milk!

  14. i want to try to steam this for a latte! soy doesn’t steam very well, and almond milk is too watery. maybe cashew milk has the right fat content to work more like dairy milk!

  15. I have to say that I don’t miss cow’s milk when almond milk’s around. Sounds like this would be wonderful in the rice pudding I like to make…or anywhere else. How does the price compare to almond milk? I love So Delicious’ Almond Milk “ice cream”, but it’s gotten really pricey.


  16. I don’t like the taste of soy milk. To drink, I always buy an italian ricemilk in which almonds are blended in. For baking, I use almond milk because it has a higher fat content.

  17. I use almond milk in ALL of my recipes (I just add ACV if it calls for buttermilk, works fine) now and better yet, my parents and brother have made the switch too! I am looking forward to trying the cashew milk too.

  18. I made my own soy milk for years before the appliance broke and I had to go back to grocery store stuff. I was amazed at the option then, and am even more excited that more are popping up all the time! Cashews are definitely my favorite nut, so I will try this as soon as I see it locally!

  19. I have been drinking (and cooking with) soy milk for so many years and have gotten so used to it that I have actually been kind of intimidated by the “new” nutty kids on the block. That was until two nights ago, when I made a vegan “chicken” a la king recipe that called for cashew cream. I didn’t know what that was, and I had to google it, only to find that it wasn’t something I would be finding on the shelves of my grocery store. As most of you probably knew way before I did, it was ridiculously simple to make, and it added the most amazing creaminess and just a teensy hint of nutty flavor to the dish, that I went out yesterday and bought a huge load of raw cashew pieces so I could keep on making more and exploring its many uses. Well, this must be the week for cashew “milk” products in my life, to find this post here today! I will certainly be trying out both flavors of the new So Delicious product in my new gustatory adventures! Thanks for the heads up!

  20. I’d love a coupon! My sister and I were trying to name our favorite nut the other day (which turned out to be a difficult pursuit), and the first one she named was cashew, so I’m sure she would be very pleased with me if I won the coupon.

    1. Oh, and I should’ve added that I love every kind of nondairy milk I’ve ever tried, except for a coconut-almond blend that had a very odd taste to me. :) How’s that for actually following the prompt?

  21. I love nut milk! Almond-coconut has my favorite lately but I’d love to try cashew. I’m also wondering about that cute clear milk container in the first photo. Where did you get that and do you use it to store homemade milks? I’ve been looking for a good container for homemade (vitamix-ed) nut milks!

  22. Almond milk is definitely a staple in my fridge, it’s my go-to for everything.. well, everything except coffee, for some reason I prefer soy for my coffee and lattes

    I’ve tried just about every non-dairy milk, and there’s few I dislike, but I would use them all for very specific things, almond and flax are the only two I would use as a general everything milk

    But I *have* to have the refrigerated versions, and am very adamant about that.. the shelf stable varieties all have a similar boxed taste to me, they all have a very specific flavor that I don’t get from the fresher, cleaner, more neutral refrigerated varieties.. I’m sure I would like all the milks much more if I were able to try refrigerated versions of them.. I hope one day to see the dairy coolers filled with strictly dairy-free milks :)

  23. I once tried making rice milk. FAIL. I know homemade is cheaper, but doesn’t help me if it doesn’t taste good. :) I know I should work on my skills, in the meantime store-bought works for me! Coupons would be great!

  24. Love your blog and love trying different kinds of non-dairy milk, too! I usually err on the side of soy, but cashew sounds delightful. Have you ever tried cashew fruit juice? I’m unsure if O.N.E. still makes it anymore, but it was always delicious, too!

  25. I haven’t tried So Delicious cashew milk yet…maybe they were released when I left for Spain! I live in their city (where the company is based in) and I don’t see any of them at the groceries yet, so weird, right? I just had this amazing almond milk here in Spain, from Alpro Soja, and it tastes like a rich almond milk, better than any other almond milk products I’ve tried so far. I wish I can bring loads of them with me for cooking and drinking! Cool that So Delicious offers two flavors – unsweetened for cooking and unsweetened vanilla for baking and sweeter dishes.

  26. I use almond milk for baking, soy milk (or cream) for coffee, but my mainstay milk is oat – it’s the only one that really works in tea – which is getting harder and harder to find for some reason. But I can imagine cashew milk might do tea. I use cashews for so many things already, why not milk? Thanks for the heads-up – I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it!

  27. I also find it bizarre that cashew milk hasn’t really become a thing yet. I’ll have to look and see if I can find these around! As for a story…well let’s go with a rant. In savory cooking, I abhor using any store-bought milk…unsweetened or not! Using unsweetened soy milk (or almond, etc) in, say, potatoes just beats up my taste buds – can’t handle it. So I always make homemade cashew milk/cream because it’s nice and neutral. So maybe this unsweetened variety of cashew milk would be able to accomplish that feat!

  28. i would love to have some on hand for baking considering that whenever a recipe calls for almond milk i just use water…

  29. I actually grew up with soy milk as an actual drink of its own, and not a substitute for milk (which I have never liked the taste of). I don’t typically like most of the “American” soy milks, and tend to still buy it as a straight up drink from Asian markets. I learned a while ago that almond milk was way better for baking, so that’s been in my fridge ever since… even though I don’t like almonds :P I do, however, love cashews, so I’m going to have to keep an eye out for cashew milk :D

  30. Oh non-dairy milks, there is just so much to say about them. When I first became vegetarian 20 years ago, soy milk was not available in the regular super market so I used to buy a case of it in the health food store whenever I ran out. I completely lost the taste for dairy milk and have never gone back. I’ve tried almond, oat, rice, coconut, hemp, you name it! I’ve even made a few myself! Right now though I am on the look out for the milks that have carageenan, which unfortunately is most of them. The cashew milk doesn’t though, so I will definitely have to try it! Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love trying new nut milks! Since cashew milk is so popular for making at home I’ve always wondered why no brand has ever capitalized on it. Good move!

  32. It was only about a month ago that I heard of cashew milk. I’m not even sure if our local grocery would have it but certainly the one whole foods vendor we have in the area should offer it. As for non-dairy milk, my choice has always been soy.

  33. Oh man, I love cashews (I know I’m not alone in this!) I think the only downside with this is that I wouldn’t know how to stop myself drinking the whole lot. I love nut milks, but when it comes to tea, the only thing that should be used is soy for me!

  34. I have been drinking mostly almond milk, sometimes almond-coconut milk, coconut milk or soy. I have cooked with cashew cream but cashew milk?!?! It sounds decedent and delicious! A new favorite may rise to the top.

  35. I’ve been drinking soy milk for years and years, and love all the new non-dairy milks and coffee creamers on the shelves these days. Lots of choices!

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