I Only Have Pies For You

March 14th is always a cause for celebration, a holiday that deserves more fanfare than it ever earns. For those who haven’t marked their calendars and awaited the day with enthusiasm, just take a peek at the numerical representation: 3.14. Ring any bells? Yes indeed, it’s Pi Day!

Every year, bakers and bloggers across the globe try to out do themselves, coming up with some truly brilliant representations of this most delicious mathematical value. You wouldn’t guess it based on the current state of my recipe index, but I’ve been working especially hard on my pie contribution this time around. In fact, I have not one mere pie to share, but well over one hundred. There’s just one small catch…

You’ll have to wait until Easy as Vegan Pie is released this coming October.

All you pie-lovers out there, can I get a “Hell Yeah!”? It’s been a difficult path, paved with crumbly, sticky, and otherwise uncooperative dough; runny custards and undercooked fruits; every pie-related woe possible stood in my way of the perfect slice. Now I can confidently promise a fix to all those problems, along with dozens of mouth-watering, near revolutionary fillings never before seen in a crust. Get excited everyone- This book will make every day a pi day.

As if that wasn’t enough news to make you jump up and dance around the kitchen, brace yourself because I have another reason for you to start preheating your oven in anticipation… Vegan Desserts, out of print for many months now, is to be reprinted and re-released in paperback format, come November!

It’s going to be one sweet fall season…

36 thoughts on “I Only Have Pies For You

  1. Whooooaaaaaa! Dude, that’s amazing! I’d had no idea that you were working on these fabulous and eye-pleasing—as well as, I’m sure, taste-bud–wowing—delights. Congratulations! Squeeeee! *cue Mumford and Sons* I will wait, I will wait…

  2. For a minute, there, I thought the title of the book was “I Only Have Pies for You,” which I really dig! “Easy as Vegan Pie” is great, too. Can’t wait to see this book in all its glory!

  3. About bleeding time! I have been waiting to be able to buy Vegan Desserts for AGES! Now I can get both books at once :). I will soon have the complete “Hannah” collection and my repertoire will be all the better for them. Can’t wait! :) (those pi’s look slavver worthy indeed)

    1. Your patience is commendable! I wish they could have been laying down ink on that reprint LAST November, so I’m glad you’re willing to wait. Thank you so much for your support and sweetness! :)

  4. Congratulations on your new cookbook and on the reprint of Vegan Desserts! Too bad we have to wait until October for Easy As Vegan Pie. I am not surprised, Hannah Kaminsky, by all this success…you are immeasurably talented! Btw, I never heard of Pi Day and my younger son is a math wizard! I would have baked him a vegan pie to honor this holiday which he doesnt even know exists. My personal favorite holiday is National Vegan Pizza Day! I make sure to celebrate that one every year!

  5. I forgot it was Pi Day this morning. But I was given thirty pounds of overripe blueberries and ended up making a slew of blueberry pie accidentally.
    I can’t wait to see what you have cooked up now!

  6. Congratulations! What a gorgeous book. All those pie on the cover are vegan??? I can’t believe it and can’t wait to get my hands on the book and cook along. I personally eat everything but have a few good girlfriends are on a straight vegan diet. I would love to be able to bake a few gorgeous pies whenever they come over for gatherings. :)

  7. wow! can’t wait any longer… october seems so far away…those pies will really be worth the wait… :)
    congratulations on your new book… :)

  8. ooh this looks awesome! can’t wait to add it to my growing vegan collection of cookbooks! great writing

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