Classic Comfort

Struggling to keep up with the maddening pace of monthly publications, churning out new recipes at every turn, it’s easy to lose sight of once beloved dishes. With barely enough hours in a day to complete any assigned cooking ventures, cherished classics are slowly forgotten, sealed within the pages of cookbooks collecting dust. Sad to say, but unless it’s for a review, I never touch my cookbook shelf anymore. As much as I love each and every mouth-watering text, one can only bake so many cakes, or cook so many dinners, within a limited space of free time.

That’s why it’s the ultimate luxury not to visit a restaurant or bakery, but to to revisit those tried-and-true recipes from other equally prolific authors. Something as simple as a chocolate cookie can make my heart sing, if only for the comforting familiarity and good memories each bite brings. I could never claim to create the elusive “perfect” chocolate cookie for any magazine or cookbook, but thankfully, Isa’s fool-proof formula means that I never need to. For this rare recipe repeat, I chose to shake things up a bit, adding in dried cherries and taking the opportunity to try out some cherry extract. Just a splash provided the flavor boost I sought, effectively refreshing the golden standard as a unique treat- Proof positive that good recipes have no expiration date.

17 thoughts on “Classic Comfort

  1. Lately I keep thinking “so many recipes, so little time!” – I have so many ideas and projects and books I want to cook from… but geez, I can only eat dinner once a day!

  2. Cherry extract sounds awesome to play with — and chocolate/cherry desserts are always my favorite. Good luck with the deadlines, I’m right there with you. Amazing how it all piles on, right?

  3. Who doesn’t love these amazing foundation recipes that we take so for granted. Isa pioneered (and is still pioneering) the way for we mere mortals to smudge the edges of vegan and make it one step closer to mainstream. All hail Queen Isa! :)

  4. HAD TO MAKE THESE immediately i opened the email! They look nothing like the photo of yours, but they taste fabulous!

  5. ps i put dried organic cranberries in mine in the absence of cherries and the contrast with the chocolate was very fine!

  6. So true – what is the purpose of reinventing the wheel when you have such a wonderful cookie recipe right at your fingertips! Love the addition of cherry!

  7. Am so attracted by the photo of the stack of chocolate and cherry cookies! looks stunning and you just started my craving for some chocolate cookies!

    I love the cherry and dark chocolate combination. Definitely one of my favourites!

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