Wordless Wednesday: Macro Munchies

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Macro Munchies

  1. Now I did buy some Munchies like this especially the bottom picture, as I put on a Vegan Buffet over Christmas in which Everyone ate Vegan.. I was very proud of my efforts, including vegan butter, and Mayonnaise, and pastry in which I made various things..
    My Vegan daughter and her partner, were extremely impressed that they didn’t have to PICK and choose what was on the table.lol.. :-) I also made totally Vegan Pizza’s etc including the dough too, which the meat eaters just LOVED, :-)

    Thank you Hannah…. Your recipes have always encouraged me to go the extra mile… While I am not Vegan, I love Vegetarian..

    Sending you the biggest of Hugs, and all the very best Hannah for 2023.. <3 <3 <3

    1. Now that is my kind of feast! Wow, you daughter is so lucky to have such a kind (and ambitious) parent, willing to do so much to accommodate. I only wish I could have joined in! It sounds like a whole lot of fun (and fantastic food) for all. :)

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