Wordless Wednesday: Once in a Lifetime Fine Dining

Focus \ Concord Grape, Parsnip

Maize \ Husk
Smut \ Huitlacoche, Corn, Pink Pepper

King \ Coconut, Culantro, Mango
Ink \ Korean Barbeque

Truffle \ Pine Nut, Wojap
Bone \ Mushroom, Barbeque

Heirloom \ Beans, Sassafras

Trumpet \ Cured, Blueberry

Cookie \ Lavender

Taco \ Smoke, Myoga

Rosini \ Cauliflower, Frites
Fungi \ Mushroom, Truffle

Paint \ Strawberry, Banana, Toasted Jasmine

1723 N Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60614




4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Once in a Lifetime Fine Dining

  1. I always love these beautiful plates of mouthwatering bite size meals…
    And your images here look very mouthwatering.. So what I am saying next is in no way a reflection upon your beautiful alinea-vagan-menue… its just a story of my own experience.. with fine dinning in miniature..:-)

    I once went to a fine dinning restaurant with my hubby and two friends.. We spent A LOT of money on our very fine meal… Which had been delicately placed with painted sauce and tweezers…
    But we all came away still hungry… :-) lol… And I hate to say it we called in at our local Fish and Chip shop on our way home… :-)

    Sending huge hugs your way Hannah…. And hope you didn’t mind me sharing that.. <3

    1. Oh goodness, I completely understand! Don’t ever hesitate to share your experience because it’s very honest and true. Fine dining is less about eating and more about entertainment. The goal isn’t to get full, necessarily, but to play with your food. It’s a lot of fun, but not the most efficient way to take in a meal. ;)

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