Wordless Wednesday: Brunch a Bunch

Level 8 Vegan at The Butcher’s Son

Soy Sausage Breakfast Sandwich at Two Mammas Vegan Kitchen

Spinach and Tofu Shakshuka at Saha

Scones and Buckwheat Pancakes at Millennium

Breakfast Nachos at Saturn Cafe

Tofu Scramble Plate at Peace Cafe

Le Fez (Moroccan Salad) and Le Tulum (Burrito Bowl) at Le Cupboard

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Brunch a Bunch

  1. Oh, Hannah, this group of bliss is wonderful! I know they’ll be delicious, and all the colors make them so attractive. Thank you for posting all of them. Are they/some of them in your cookbooks, or will the latest blogs be made into a new cookbook?

    1. I only wish I had these recipe! This round up is merely a selection of excellent meals around town, although they may just inspire new dishes later on down the road…

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