Silent Saturday: Super Bowls

DIY Quinoa Bowl from Eatsa

Kale Salad from Saha

Golden Gate Bowl from Nourish Cafe

Mapo Tofu from Sound & Savor

Samusa Soup from Burma Superstar

7 thoughts on “Silent Saturday: Super Bowls

  1. I can’t have a silent reply but how about just, “Yum!!” Have a delicious weekend, Hannah. I’m happy not to be working tomorrow for a change and able to watch the Super Bowl, as I do enjoy football. I’m likely destined to be disappointed, as I’m hoping Philly gets the upset, but so it goes. A hockey game tonight, which I do love.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Gah! I wish I had thought of a post so clever, super bowls! I’ll be honest, I may use this next year around this time ;) Everything looks delish!

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