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The question of “realness” is one for the ages. It’s a term that gets tossed around all across the board these days, sprinkled into conversation like confetti to both emphasize and punctuate a thought. Eating “real” food is an admirable goal, but what does it really mean? Striving to eat “healthy” food ranks right up there alongside the concept, but realness takes it a step further. If you ask me, the idea behind real food has so much more substance than any quick-fix diet plan, and bears much greater meaning once you peel back the flaky exterior. Real food is wholesome, derived from nature and not a test tube, something that anyone with even the foggiest vision could recognize as edible. Real food is practical, fundamentally within the grasp of the average cook, be it their best or worst day, busiest or most leisurely moment. Real food, above all else, nourishes on a holistic level, feeding the body and heart in the same heaping spoonful.

This is my ode to realness and my invitation to anyone else who’s felt flummoxed, infuriated, or frustrated by the vagaries of the word. I’m thrilled to announce my fifth cookbook, and my very first entry into the savory arena, Real Food, Really Fast. Recipes run the gamut from breakfast to dessert, and believe it or not, all can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Speed was the biggest challenge in development, but flavor was an absolute necessity. If it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t belong in any cookbook, period. The full-color photos accompanying each and every recipe are the icing on the cake, the siren song luring hesitant readers to take a closer look, but even the most glamorous hero shots wouldn’t save a lackluster dish. I’m asking you to keep it real, so the least I can do is hold up my end of that bargain too.

Get excited, jump right in and pre-order (please!) but try to contain yourself, just as I’m struggling to do right now. The release date is still many months away, but there’s good news in that long stretch of silence: I’m now looking for recipe testers to help vet these dishes and make sure they’re all truly fit to print! It’s a tough job that takes dedication, precision, and most importantly… Hunger. Accessibility is essential to my recipes so there’s no presumed skill level here. If you’ve ever held a knife and cut a vegetable before, congratulations, you’re a qualified applicant! Please get in touch with me at hannah @ (no spaces) if you’re interested in joining forces to craft a better cookbook.

25 thoughts on “Get Real

  1. Hannah! This is so exciting! Gorgeous design, lovely colors. I’m pre-ordering now. Give me a couple of recipes to test – happy to do it. So happy for you!! Xoxox Nancy

  2. I bet you are so excited Hannah.. and Congratulations upon this amazing cookbook.. And your Fifth.. Wonderful… :-) And if the cover is anything to go by.. I would think it is full of very Real Wholesome Food… 💕 Wishing you well dear Hannah in it being every Success it deserves to be.. :-)

  3. Brilliant work Ms Hannah. I would offer to test some recipes but I am not sure our intercontinentality would span the ingredient gap. I can’t wait for the book to come out :)

    1. I’ve tried very hard to make sure that all the recipes are accessible, so there really aren’t any strange/specialized ingredients that are only available in US markets. Never fear, I was thinking of you, too! ;)

      1. Absolutely, 100%, yes! As many as you feel comfortable and are interested in tackling. Just mind me of your email address? I’ll add you to the list right now; more info to come shortly.

  4. The cover is gorgeous, and the concept is excellent! If the recipes taste even half as good as the one on the cover looks, you’ve got a winner. Impressive! Making such food in only 10 minutes seems like an impossible dream, but I believe you. :)

  5. WOW!!!! Congrats on the new book! Sounds AWESOME!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that cover art, too!

  6. Fantastic post! People really need to be educated on what’s ‘real food’ and what is artificial. I can’t put enough importance on this.

    Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on completing your book!


  7. wow – five cookbooks is some achievement! I know you said that speed wasn’t the main driving force for the cookbook, but I love that they’re quick and easy. I can never have too many tasty meals that I can still make after a long day at work!

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