Wordless Wednesday: Surf and Turf

Consider it a belated holiday gift; I’ve hidden a little Easter egg in one of the above photos. Try clicking around to find the downloadable the full size image. If you’d like to save it as your desktop wallpaper, right click the larger version, select “Set as Desktop Background,” and choose the “Stretch” option to fit to your screen.

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Surf and Turf

  1. Thank you for your Easter egg gift.. Well I have enlarged each of your photo’s to 150 and still hunting the Egg :-) Lovely gift of photos and thank you for the fun of me trying to find.. xx
    Have a lovely Spring time week ..

  2. hihi Hannah. these are gorgeous! i am very taken with the last one especially, and wonder if you ever make poster-size prints available for sale?

    1. Hi Martha! I’m touched that you would like my photos enough to ask. While I don’t offer any prints for sale right now, I would certainly consider special requests if you ever saw something in particular that you really wanted to hang on your wall.

      1. hihi Hannah! please consider this a special request. the last image …. mostly water, purpley blue … is so evocative and calming. long story as to why i’m so anxious to be able to have this view whenever i want. if this isn’t something you feel you can do, i will understand, but i do hope you might agree.

        thanks for considering this.

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