The Good Bean

Hodo Soy – The Good Bean from Hannah Kaminsky on Vimeo.

Rarely does one have the opportunity to see first-hand just how one of their favorite foods are made, from raw material to comfortingly familiar final product, which is why my visit to the Hodo Soy factory was so extraordinary. It didn’t hurt that my guide, Henry Hsu, was so generous with his time, allowing me to poke my camera into every step of the process. For the first time ever, I took this opportunity to experiment into the realm of motion pictures, so what you see above is still fairly rough. Regardless, I couldn’t wait to share this peek behind the scenes.

You may have heard the name before, or perhaps you’ve eaten their tofu without even realizing it. Hodo Soy provides the soy base for Chipotle‘s famous tofu sofritas, but their commitment to creating innovative foods that remain true to ancient art of soybean wrangling doesn’t end there. Increasing demand has brought their firm blocks, nuggets, and yuba noodles farther across the country than ever before, turning this homegrown company into a national brand in the blink of an eye.

Consider this just a small taste to whet your appetite; Coming soon, I’ll have a more typical recipe and photo post to share, using some of those incredible soybean savories I watched come to fruition before my eyes. Stay tuned, and stay hungry!

9 thoughts on “The Good Bean

  1. Thank you so much, Hannah. Truly enjoy Hodo Soy’s products, my favorite being the yuba noodles. Not yer available at my local Costco stores in southeast Texas, I stock up when visiting the west coast, freeze it, & ice pack for the flight back. We really your cookbooks, emails and blog posts, and are grateful for all you do.

    1. Yes indeed! I was really hesitant to add my own voice into the mix, but I figured it couldn’t be more awkward than having a constant stream of text overlaid on every scene. I’m so glad you like it!

      1. You have a lovely voice. Perfect for video voice overs. Can’t wait to hear your next blog post with added video :)

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