Silent Sunday: Capitol Idea

5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Capitol Idea

  1. Look at the colour in that sky! We tend to get a more light blue in our skies. I guess it’s our side of the stratosphere. Cheers for sharing this gorgeous building with us all Hannah. I especially love that brass hinge?

    1. It’s true, the sky is an unearthly deep blue out here! It was truly arresting for the first couple of days while I was walking around- I’ve just never seen anything quite like it.

      As for the hinge, I’m glad that you could appreciate that intricate detail too. I’m sure I must have looked like a complete nut bag to all the tourists walking around, shooting into the crack of an open door though…

      1. Who cares. No artist worth their weight in salt gives a damn about what people around them think of their manic need to stand on their head and take a photo of a blade of grass. Art is worth the effort :)

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