Wordless Wednesday: Go Take a Hike

15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Go Take a Hike

    1. It’s actually a mash-up of a few different trails. Photos 1 – 4 are from Manoa Falls, 5 is around the grounds of Byodo-In Temple, and 6 – 8 are from Diamond Head. So many different worlds, all within just a few miles of each other!

  1. Gorgeous motion blur on that water Hannah and I really love the shot of the lighthouse. Beautiful images. I got a little “Happy Holidays” card in the mail today with nuts on it. From one nut to another, “Happy Holidays!” ;)

    1. Well goodness, that only took forever! I swear I sent out the cards well before the holidays… Sorry yours came a little bit late. I didn’t account for island time when I calculated the shipping apparently. Glad you got it all the same, and the sentiment is still mutual! ;)

      1. :) How interesting that a state that is closer to Australia should take longer to get here. I reckon it went on a round the world trip ;). My mum sent me a parcel once and it should have taken a 300km trip but it ended up going to Denmark the country not Denmark my little home town and then back. All up about 6 months of travel was involved but give them their due, it did get their in the end! ;)

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