Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Treats

Vanilla Soy Frozen Yogurt at Fraiche

Like a Vegan (Ratatouille Crepe) at Galette 88

Charlie Brown’s Nightmare (Chocolate Soy Ice Cream with Peanut Butter and Cookies) at Holy Gelato!

Vegan Deep Dish at Patxi’s Pizza

Onigilly Set with Shiitake, Hijiki, and Natto Onigiri at Onigilly

The Curried Veg Pasty at The Pie Shop

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Treats

  1. All of this looks more than delicious, as do all of your photos. Have you been to Westerly Market on 8th Avenue and 55th Street in NYC? It is a vegan paradise. I was there yesterday and thought of you. So much to eat, so little time!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. Out of these, I’ve only tried the Like a Vegan from Galette 88. I didn’t even know Fraiche had a soy frozen yogurt! That pasty….I have to go hunt for it now. Did you get a chance to try Mission Pie in San Francisco? I tried a vegan pie there one time…oh my was it tasty.

  3. o_O You LUCKY bollocks. I would love to be able to just waltz into the city and find gorgeousness like this. That pizza looks like pure shirt staining heaven and those onigiri? Perfection :)

  4. I’m very very jealous of all the great vegan places you get to visit Hannah! :-p. Can’t stare any longer at that vegan deep dish pictures! It makes me hungry! lol.

  5. Ah gawd I miss frozen yogurt, it’s not nearly as much of a thing here as it is on that side of the Atlantic! All these photos make me miss home. And hungry.

  6. These look divine. Especially the vegan ratatouille crepe. I’ve been fantasizing about French food for nearly a week now and THIS is what I need. Thanks for sharing x

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