Windy City

My words still haven’t quite caught up with me to describe the experience, but rest assured, Chicago made a big impression on me in only 2 1/2 days. For now, you can check out the rest of my photos over on Flickr, to be expanded upon at a later date.

21 thoughts on “Windy City

  1. When our house is finally sold, we’ll be living in a suburb of Chicago and will be able to take the train into the city. As big cities go, it’s quite nice…although heading too quickly towards becoming another Detroit financially. The pictures are lovely, but I’d really like to know what that last one is. :-)


  2. Chicago is a great city and I love seeing it through your camera lens. Makes me want to visit again — it’s been too long since I was there.

  3. Gorgeous shots, Hannah! I have to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with much of Chicago’s vegan eats on my two visits last year, but gosh, am I excited for the Upton’s Cafe to open!!

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