Food and Fashion, Part One

Pea Pearls

Raspberry Ring

English Muffin Coin Purse

Corn Shoe

Habanero Earrings

This is the first part of a photo series I’ve devised for my conceptual photography class. Expect the second half in another 7 – 8 weeks, come final exams and the last call for submissions!

49 thoughts on “Food and Fashion, Part One

  1. A++ I love them all but I think the shoes are super cool. Oh wait I love the earrings better, wait no maybe the necklace. You get the idea. They are all beautiful and creative. Take care, BAM

  2. I enjoyed these! Looking forward to the next set!

    Admittedly, the shoe does not look quite real (the corn kernels) because it doesn’t have real 3-dimensionality.

  3. Hannah, you are so creative! ‘Love that ‘Raspberry Ring’ photo, nice colors (I also love raspberries, for that matter!). Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so incredibly imaginitive, Hannah! I am so impressed! My favorite is the string of pea pearls, but everything is lovely!

  5. Nature is so inspirational and all those pieces are amazing – I like the bun purse the best, it looks so real, someone could mistake it for the real thing and try to eat it!

  6. wow. These are so interesting! I am also an artist in a photography class and I’m loving every minute of it! I’m also interested in juxtaposing my food politics with my art. Glad to see another artist engaging the same issues!

  7. SO fun!! I saw your book at BlueStockings the other day and LUSTED big time. The ONLY reason I didn’t buy it is because I am GF and I don’t do sugar, blah, blah, blah. But it will be first on my list to give as gifts to people who still have fun in life :) LOVED the photography in it and seriously wanted every single dish!

    1. That’s awesome! Did you check to see if it was signed, by any chance? I did a little event at BlueStockings many months ago and signed a bunch of books before I left. I wonder if there are any of those left… So happy you spotted it, in any case! Thanks for the kind words. :)

    1. Thank you! I’m so flattered you would include me in your post, since I found that blueberry purse to be particularly inspiring when I began my own food and fashion series. Those peanut earrings are also great! Maybe I’ll do something with that idea for part two…

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