Pi by Day, Pie by Night

For once, Pi Day has lined up beautifully with my baking plans, and I’m not ill-prepared for the holiday like most years past. The trusty recipe index makes no secret of my baking habits, and it’s easy to see that pies are not exactly my go-to dessert. Suddenly though, my kitchen is positively teaming with pies of every color in the rainbow, stuffed into the fridge, freezer, and idling on any vacant counter space too. I can’t yet divulge the details about this influx of pies, but I am grateful that Pi Day allows a little sneak peek into this next project I’ve only just embarked on. Rest assured, there will be much, much more pie to come…

New York Cheesecake Pie

Mahalopeño Pie

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Pie

37 thoughts on “Pi by Day, Pie by Night

  1. So many updates on here, I am away one day, and have to post a couple of comments !

    I did not know that there was such a day as Pi day, first I thought it would be something like fraternity and sorority, and then seeing pie pictures I understood that I was all wrong.

    Secret secret behind all that. I cannot wait to here more about it !

  2. PIE! What beautiful pies! Especially the cheesecake. I haven’t had cheesecake in more than a year- might be time to break that streak!

  3. Wow these look great! Your pictures are amazing. How do you manage to stage your shots so quickly? I never seem to be able to bake something and photograph it the same day, let alone download the pics and edit them…

    1. Thank you! There are two approaches that I take to make the timing work out:

      1) Wake up really early and start baking or cooking right away.

      2) Cook or bake the night before, so that it’s cooled and ready to go the next day.

      1. Awesome! I usually bake or cook the day before so I can spend the next day photographing everything and take advantage of natural light. Hopefully one day my shots will look half as good as yours do. You’re such an inspiration. Thanks for the great posts.

      2. Aw, I’m so flattered… Don’t worry, you’ll get there! Just take a peek back a few years through my archives, and you’ll see that my photos weren’t always like this… Especially in year one, it looked like I was living in a sea of yellow sometimes. Yikes!

  4. Squeee! Such curiosity you’ve aroused in me! (Rhyming intended.) Those pineapple cut-outs are adorable. Also, I’ve never heard of oatmeal pie, and now that I know that it exists, I kinda desperately want it.

  5. Pi Day! Brilliant!! Such an idea would never occurred to me, but then again I’m English (it’s the 14th of the 3rd over here, lol :)

    However, from now on, it’ll always be Pie Day!!!

  6. Oooh, I have a hunch but I’ll keep my idea to myself and see if I’m right! So excited for you, though!

    The pies look great — I’m dying to try that old-fashioned oatmeal pie!

  7. Pie vs Cake is a big argument at our house. As a baker, I’ve seen cake pops increase in popularity in orange county – now we have those pie’s-on’a’stick things too, so the debate rages on! ps = the pineapple pie is beautiful.

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