Age is Just a Number

Aside from the benign lumps and gently clouding eyes, my darling puppy really isn’t showing her age, and is greeting the oncoming years [for the most part] with grace, just as any mature woman should. If you ask me, she doesn’t look a day older than 8. One would never guess that my little sweetheart has just turned 14 years old a few days ago!

Can you believe it? Supposedly, that’s 98 in dog years; Quite the milestone, indeed. While I would have loved nothing more than to make a big to-do about the event, and fuss over some elaborate treat for the birthday girl, that was simply not in the cards this time around. Between the book release, final exams, and a couple new projects still up my sleeve, it’s been challenging just tending to Isis’s everyday needs (such as letting her outside and then inside 50 times straight, refilling her water dish, and repeating that cycle over and over until the sun goes down.) However, I couldn’t let the day pass without some sort of special snack…

Think of a popsicle without a stick, made especially for the canine palate, and you’d have the Pup-sicle! Peanut butter-flavored, with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds for nutrition, this is one chilly treat that will be even more of a hit in the hot summer months. I can’t share the recipe just yet, as it has something to do with one of those upcoming projects I mentioned… So stay tuned for more details!

Ever cautious, Isis took a few preliminary licks when presented with this birthday gift…

…And quickly deeming the frozen biscuit not only edible, but highly tasty, she happily wolfed it down in a few large bites.

Happy Birthday, Isis- We’ll just have to celebrate the next one twice as much!

45 thoughts on “Age is Just a Number

  1. What a superstar! I know what it’s like living with an elderly puppy (that’s not an oxymoron). The time with her is ever so precious. Happy birthday, Isis! Here’s to many, many more :)

  2. Adorable! I love making my own dog frozen yogurt so this looks like one treat he’d enjoy. You always have so many projects up your sleeve! I really admire your entrepreneurial spirit and good luck with everything ahead!

  3. My sweet dog just turned 13 and she does the same thing….she goes out and then asks to come right back in…and then back out…ALL DAY LONG. I am happy to oblige. She has been such an amazing friend to me through the years :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Isis! Wow – 14 years. That’s impressive. The pup-sicles are adorable, and I love the name ;). I’m sure my pup Shelby would love them, as she absolutely adores peanut butter. I’m looking forward to the recipe! Until then, I will be pouring over your cookbook, which I just received in the mail and cannot put down :).

  5. Happy birthday,what an adorable dog!She really bears some resemblance to my Bambi,like you once pointed out.14 years is a really impressive age for dogs,and yours looks so good.! I would love to know how you made that treat….

  6. Happy Birthday Isis! You’re making a run on my Penny – she lived to 15, long after Dalmatians are expected to live.

    I can’t wait to see how you made that treat – we make homemade treats for our puppies all the time, and a frozen one would be rather fun for Juno and Cleo to try!

  7. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl, Isis! Give her some loveis for me. She looks like such a precious soul and is very lucky to have such a loving mommy! :)

  8. Hannah, she is GORGEOUS! Seriously that is one of the most downright beautiful dogs I have ever seen! A HUGE happy birthday to her!

  9. Happy birthday and many more to your sweet girl! She looks good! My puppy is 18, or maybe 19, I’ve lost count, but still truckin’ on.

  10. My goodness, she’s a stunner isn’t she! Isis looks like royalty on that chair– wrapped serenely in her little jacket, and looking on with grace. and 14 is quite the accomplishment! Give the “queen” my regards :)

  11. She is gorgeous and looks so regal in that first picture. :) Happy birthday, Isis!

  12. Sweet girl! She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see what’s in that doggy treat. I just know that my little pup would go nuts for it. She’s a PB freak. Happy Birthday to her!

  13. Aw, you’re so lovely! Happy birthday Isis! My dog turned 12 this years, and it’s starting to show. She’s still utterly lovely and loved, though :)

  14. Happy Birthday, Isis! She is gorgeous and I love that first picture…she looks like quite the little lady! I’m sure it was a special day with these treats!

  15. Oh, what a darling she is! Happy Birthday, sweet pup! That treat looks pretty special, that’s for sure…what a lucky doggie to have you for a mom.

  16. Happy birthday, Isis! She looks wonderful and is lucky to have such a loving mom that makes her special treats. Can’t wait to get the recipe for this one and to learn more about all the exciting projects you are working on.


  17. Happy birthday, Isis. Feliz Cumple. Y lo mas lindo es darle mas amor a nuestras mascotas en su dia especial. Demostrarles cuan inportantes son para nosotros.
    PD: Sorry, but I dont speak english
    I made cookies for dogs that is on the blog, I like my dog, please more recipes.

  18. Just stumbled across your dog and totally agree with this post! My mom has a half basenji/half shiba inu named Dwight who will turn 13 in June and people ask all the time how old he is, as in “how much of a puppy is he”, and they’re always shocked when my mom tells them! His hearing is going, and we think he’s getting a bit more near-sighted, but he’s as handsome as ever!

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