Free for the Baking

Releasing a cookbook out into the wild is much like what I imagine sending off your child to their first day of school would feel like. Anxiety is the first feeling that flutters in my chest, because they’ve never been on their own before. Without the conscientious oversight of their mother, who knows what might come flying out of their mouth, especially given their rapidly expanding vocabulary? And what if the other kids don’t see what a loving parent does, and can’t accept them for both their gifts and flaws? What if they face rejection, and can’t make friends?

Of course, a book is not something that needs to be consoled after a bad day on the shelf, nor will it come home beaming with a winning smile, bubbling over to share all of the wonderful adventures and exploits it went on with new buddies. That, my friends, is where I need you. How is my baby doing? Is it minding its manners? Making positive contributions to the class? I sure wish they printed these things with blank progress reports included.

In an effort to continue gathering more opinions, and above all else, spreading the sweetness, I can hardly keep from handing out my whole personal stash of hard copies. So I won’t fight it; I want you to have my book, in your hands and your kitchen! No follow-up reviews are required of the winner, but certainly would be appreciated.

If you’re interested in securing yourself a free copy of Vegan Desserts, just visit this thread on the PPK boards, wherein I’ve posted the full listing of included recipes. Browse through the titles at your leisure, and tell me: What is the first thing you want to bake when you get the book? What catches your eye? Is it the ever-popular Mint Chocolate Macarons?

Or perhaps one of my favorites, the Watermelon Bombe?

Whatever it is that strikes your fancy, just tell me about it in the comments! Please, only one comment per person, on THIS POST and not the PPK boards, left before midnight EST, May 18th. There is to be one winner, to be announced shortly thereafter. I’m very sorry to put a limit on this one, but since I can’t spring for international shipping with such a heavy book, I’m afraid that the contest is restricted to residents of the US only.