Free for the Baking

Releasing a cookbook out into the wild is much like what I imagine sending off your child to their first day of school would feel like. Anxiety is the first feeling that flutters in my chest, because they’ve never been on their own before. Without the conscientious oversight of their mother, who knows what might come flying out of their mouth, especially given their rapidly expanding vocabulary? And what if the other kids don’t see what a loving parent does, and can’t accept them for both their gifts and flaws? What if they face rejection, and can’t make friends?

Of course, a book is not something that needs to be consoled after a bad day on the shelf, nor will it come home beaming with a winning smile, bubbling over to share all of the wonderful adventures and exploits it went on with new buddies. That, my friends, is where I need you. How is my baby doing? Is it minding its manners? Making positive contributions to the class? I sure wish they printed these things with blank progress reports included.

In an effort to continue gathering more opinions, and above all else, spreading the sweetness, I can hardly keep from handing out my whole personal stash of hard copies. So I won’t fight it; I want you to have my book, in your hands and your kitchen! No follow-up reviews are required of the winner, but certainly would be appreciated.

If you’re interested in securing yourself a free copy of Vegan Desserts, just visit this thread on the PPK boards, wherein I’ve posted the full listing of included recipes. Browse through the titles at your leisure, and tell me: What is the first thing you want to bake when you get the book? What catches your eye? Is it the ever-popular Mint Chocolate Macarons?

Or perhaps one of my favorites, the Watermelon Bombe?

Whatever it is that strikes your fancy, just tell me about it in the comments! Please, only one comment per person, on THIS POST and not the PPK boards, left before midnight EST, May 18th. There is to be one winner, to be announced shortly thereafter. I’m very sorry to put a limit on this one, but since I can’t spring for international shipping with such a heavy book, I’m afraid that the contest is restricted to residents of the US only.

258 thoughts on “Free for the Baking

  1. PERSIMMON BLONDIES!!!!!!!! FTW! There aren’t nearly enough persimmon yummies out there… The watermelon bombe looks absolutely delicious though :3

  2. I love the creative names of all your treats and I can’t wait to try some of them out! The luscious lemon mousse and the raspberry lavender cupcakes both sound intriguing, and so I’d probably go with them first :)

  3. WOW there are SO MANY recipes in that book! I’d probably try the spring fling muffins first, since I love muffins! I can only imagine what tasty things are in them! YUM!

  4. The Cherry Macaroon Tart! Yum! Or the Mexican Chocolate Creme Caramel. I can already imagine both in my head. And mouth :)

  5. cherries jubilee bundt cake!! i love cherries!! this is closely followed by about everything in the fall section, i love that you divided the recipes by season!

    congratulations on getting the cookbook published!!

  6. Wow – your recipe sounds amazing. I don’t see how I could decide what to start with, but I think I have it down to three … Carrot Cake Ice Cream, Black Velvet Cupcakes or Triple Ginger Cheescake. :)

  7. If anything deserves to put together into one awesome dessert in some sort of (un?)holy trinity, it is coconut, lime, and ice cream. Therefore, I would have to, almost compulsively, make the Toasted Coconut Key Lime Ice Cream first.

  8. Oh man, everything sounds delicious and the season break-down is awesome! Carrot Cake Ice Cream and the Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles caught my eye first. Both sound like perfect accompaniments to this hot Georgia weather.

  9. Since it’s spring and I live in California I would like to make the Avocado Crème Pie pie! I’ve been wanting to make avocado ice cream for a while but this sounds pretty darn delicious!

  10. The Roasted Apricot Ice Cream with Almond Praline Ripple sounds like a total winner. Apricots are going to be so sweet soon, so I look forward to using them.

  11. I’m a sucker for anything watermelon and your pic just sold me – definitely the watermelon bombe!

  12. It all sounds great! I’ll need to try the macarons, of course, but I’m also curious about the mimosa tiramisu!

  13. The macarons are very enticing, but I’m even more stoked about the different recipe components like vegan whipped cream, meringue, pie parts, etc. Can’t wait!

  14. The macarons – for sure. You teased us when you perfected the recipe and I am dying to try it!

  15. The black velvet cupcakes. I just love that name. Though the watermelon bombe is a very close second. What an amazing looking cake.

  16. oh man. it’s a toss-up between the cider stuffed donuts and the mexican chocolate crème caramel! and of course, i have been waiting with bated breath for that macaron recipe… those feet!

  17. I would have to just close my eyes and point, and then find an excuse to have a get together every weekend so I could prepare a few recipes at a time. It all looks SO yummy!

  18. I would have to try the raspberry cheesecake popsicles. But I have to say that watermelon bombe looks sooo darling, I’ll definitely have to try that one too. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the book!

  19. Oh my goodness, I can’t decide what I would make first! It’s between Raspberry Mocha Semifreddo, Kiwi Colada Tartlettes, and Mojito Sugar Cookies. YUM! Everything sounds so delicious!

  20. Wait. We can only pick one? How?!?! Wow, these all look so amazing and there is no possible way I could choose just one for myself, so I’ll pick one for my kiddos! Mango Lassi is one of their all time fav drinks, so Mango Lassi Popsicles would be a hit!!!

    So excited to see the book and congrats! I send all my vegan doubting friends to your recipes…and the case is closed.

  21. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to pick just one! Apricot Frangipan Tart jumped out at me pretty quickly, but I think I just close my eyes, point, and be pretty excited about making whatever I landed on. That Watermelon Bomb looks gorgeous!

  22. cherry macaroon tarts and toasted coconut key lime icecream sound great to me right now. but i think i could look again tomorrow and change my mind. so many exciting things!

  23. If there’s one thing about being vegan that is saddening, it’s the lack of s’mores in my life… so S’mores Pie gets my vote! :) I tend to bake rather than cook, so I am very excited to read your new book!

  24. With all of the amazing treats listed, this may be a silly choice, but I can’t wait to try the “Red, White, and Blue Layer Cake”. I love specialty holiday baking, and this is one I haven’t made since going vegan.

    Also, the macaroons. Because, duh. :)

    Book looks amazing!

  25. Everything sounds so TEMPTING, I think though the Mojito Sugar Cookies and the Mango Lassi Popcicles sound just Fantastic!! First thing i thought was Indian? Win!!! Sounds like a great recipe book!

  26. Grasshopper layer cake?!? Yes, please!
    Although the Watermelon Bombe looks freaking amazing.

  27. The macarons and bombe look absolutely perfect. I must say, I’m both impressed and overwhelmed with the recipe selection! If I had a copy of your book, I’m pretty sure I would need to Sticky Toffee Donuts immediately. :)

  28. I can’t wait to try to meringues! It would be great to experiment with the recipe for topping pies and such : ) And PISTACHIO NOG!!!!! It’s so hard to find a good vegan nog.

  29. All your recipes sound delightful, but I think I would like to try the watermelon bombe first. The picture is BEAUTIFUL!!

  30. I really had no idea there were SO MANY recipes in your book! The one that catches my curiosity is ‘Meringue Kisses’. :)

  31. The Dulce de Coco really caught my eye, since I know from experience that sugar recipes can be tricky–sounds intriguing and delicious!
    And of course, the Roasted Apple Cheesecake sounds divine. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and bake up a storm!

  32. So many amazing options, but I’d probably go first with Peaches & Creme breakfast buns since it will soon be peach season

  33. I already have a copy, so no need to include me in the contest, but I wanted to weigh in! I totally have my eye on both the macarons and the meringue cookies. I’ll probably write up a review at the end of this month after I’ve had a chance to test a few different recipes. YUM!

  34. I am really excited about the ice cream recipes. I have not had ice cream in such a long time. I think it will make the perfect summertime treat. The carrot cake ice cream looks delish. I am also going to be trying out the macarons. I would like to see some Hannah approved flavor variations on these. :) — Way to go on an awesome cookbook. You should be proud!

  35. The first thing I’ll have to make is the Zesty Rhubarb Ripple Cake, since Rhubarb is one of my husband’s favorite flavors, and his birthday is coming up.

    But I’m also really interested in the olive oil ice cream.

  36. Hello, I recently discovered your blog and really love it. Right now, the Grasshopper Layer Cake sounds amazing. It’s starting to get really hot here, and a minty sweet would be fantastic.

  37. Black velvet cupcakes! I don’t even know what they are but I want to make them and eat them.

  38. I would have to say the mojito sugar cookies if I had to pick just one. It sounds like a very interesting combination and it dies combine two of my favorite things!!!

  39. Woah, that is a mammoth list! Totally unseasonal, but the ones that jump out to me are the Peppermint Mocha Trifle and Roasted Apple Cheesecake.

  40. All of those sound so ridiculously good, but one I’m dying to try is the Strawberry-Kiwi Pie–two of my favorite fruits combined!

  41. I’d love to try the Lemon Iced Tea Cheesecake. I always want to try including tea in baking, but I’m too much of a noob to experiment….

    Also donuts.

  42. I love the flavor of olive oil in desserts, so I’d have to try the olive oil ice cream.

  43. Macarons? The “better than a wattamelon?” Although you had me with the pumpkin creme brulee.

  44. There are so many good looking ones, but I would have to choose one that I’m not sure needs to be baked – Pistachio Nog!

  45. I have not looked into all your recipes, but the watermelon bombe are fantastic looking, just what I love-icy cold fruit dessert. yummmm! It’s things like these that make me smile and proud to be vegan! but, you can’t go wrong with any and all of the amazing vegan cookies and pastries you create! xoxo

  46. Oh goodness what amazing sounding recipes…for spring I would have to try the luscious lemon mousse. I adore lemon but haven’t had a lemon mousse since omni days! Closely followed by the rum raisin brownies, although I know that’s an autumn recipe….
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  47. The first thing I would try if I won would be the Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles. Why? Because it combines three of my all time favorites into one thing and they are vegan (which in itself is amazing!) I mean vegan cheesecake is to die for and to make that in a popsicle form! I am amazed beyond words. I would absolutely love to win, everything sounds amazing! Whoever wins will be in heaven.

  48. Raspberry Mocha Semifredo or the stuffed/toffee donuts… MMMMMMM yum! Thanks for the contest!

  49. I definitely want to try the Mint Chocolate Macarons first, but the S’Mores Pie would be following closing behind.

  50. Are you serious? You really want us to pick just one???? I have your book on my Amazon wish list and I almost ordered it, but I was waiting for a recipe list to be posted. Now that I see it, I absolutely have to make it #1 on my list and order soon!!

    I’m most excited for:
    lemon iced tea cheesecake
    blueberry biscotti
    grapefruit gems (assuming those are gummy)

  51. I’ve been dying to try macarons, so the first recipe I’d try would be the Munt Chocolate Macarons. Yumm!!

  52. I am all over the Peaches and Crème Breakfast Buns. Those just sound like a game changer.

  53. I’ve been waiting to try your macaron recipe ever since you first posted about them on the blog… so the chocolate mint macarons are my top choice!

  54. I totally want to try out the Persimmon Blondies. I can’t even imagine what they taste like, except that I bet they taste goooooood! Congrats on the book. Your blog is amazing.

  55. I love anything lemony so “Luscious Lemon Mousse” caught my eye! Thanks for the giveaway. P.S. That watermelon bomb looks SO GOOD!

  56. No-Bake Pumpkin Crème Brûlée. Everything caught my eye…but this made my eyes BIGGER! I so miss creme brulee…so I would make this first! and probably second and third before I move on to the rest of the recipes! Thanks!

  57. I used to live in New England and love apple cider so I would have to say the first thing I would try would be the Stuffed Cider Donuts. Yummy!!!

  58. How do I pick one? Or three? Or ten? The first one on the list got me going! I love avocados in desserts. No-bake pumpkin creme brulee sounds yummy. And then the Peaches & Cream buns. Double Yum!!

  59. I would devour the Sweet potato casserole cupcakes, wait a half an hour to digest, then I would dive into a pool of carrot cake ice cream!!!

  60. oh my gosh everything sounds incredible! I’d have to go with the watermelon bombe, though: my childhood all-time-favorite-thing-ever was the wattamelon roll from Friendly’s, and I haven’t had one in ages! ;)

  61. How can I pick only one when they all sound amazing? I guess it would have to be the S’mores Pie!

  62. So many things look (and sound) amazing!

    But I would be most interested in the Canine Cookies for my dalmatians, and Cranberry Custard Pie for me – it sounds divine!

    And for the kid in me, the Watermelone Bombe looks awesome!

    Congratulations on the book, by the way! I’m continually amazed by the content that you have been able to put out! :-)

  63. Wow that was really tough to narrow it down to one thing. I’m gonna go with Mexican Chocolate Crème Caramel. I can’t wait to bake my way through all these recipes! Amazing line up of treats!!!

  64. s’mores pie?! i would LOVE to try that one!
    s’mores used to be my favorite dessert before i went vegan.
    can’t wait to see what the recipe uses!

  65. Hannah, they all sound so tasty…but I’ll go for the sweet basil shortbread since I never baked shortbread…it is embarrassing to admit this, but here I am. Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)

  66. How sweet of you! All of your recipes sound amazing. I’ve actually been checking the local B&N for your book every time I go in. I am amazed at that vegan macaron! I’ve never had a real macaron and was afraid I’d never be able to try one. With your recipe I might just be able to pull them together! And the Olive Oil ice cream. YUM!

  67. These recipes are all vegan? O-oh my.

    Despite being totally season inappropriate, I am entranced by the idea of “pistachio nog.” Want me some of that.

  68. Maple-pecan layer cake with gingerbread frosting! Just the thought of it makes me drool!

  69. Avocado Crème Pie. I know it is the first one, but I cannot wait to try something pie like with an avocado. sounds super delish!!!

  70. Autumn, by far my favorite season for sweets! I’m tempted by the Butternut Vanilla Bean Pancakes, but my first adventure would definitely have to be with the Pumpkin Butter Cookies. They sound so like the perfect lazy afternoon treat!

  71. Mean, Green Pistachio Ice Cream!!! I haven’t had Pistachio ice cream since going vegan, about 10 years ago. :(

  72. Kiwi Colada Tartlettes and the mint chocolate macaroons for sure sound/look amazing. I’ve always wanted to try to make tarts!

  73. For me, it will probably be Buttery Pecan Ice Cream. I’m very curious to know how to pull off THAT in a vegan fashion! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It has been years since I have eaten Butter Pecan Ice Cream, but I can still clearly remember the flavor. Most of these recipes sound great.

  74. Toasted Coconut Key Lime Ice Cream!!! or Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake!!!.. everything sounds sooo delicious

  75. How am I supposed to pick just one?! I’ve always wanted to use Avocado in a desert so maybe the avocado pie. Maybe it’s just cuz that’s the first one in the list. Okay, I pick the Cranberry Streusel Bars. (I just changed that like 10 times)

  76. Definitely tons of great looking goodies! But I’m going to have to go with Maple-Pecan Layer Cake with Gingerbread Frosting, it sounds simply amazing and delicious and since it’s raining outside right now, it sounds warming!

  77. I would make mojito sugar cookies because mojitos and sugar cookies are two of my favorite things!

  78. Oh my god those macarons. In a heartbeat. I’ve been trying to figure them out for the past year and a half.

    Though, I’m always a sucker for the accompaniment/component sections. There are a few back in there that I’d like to combine together, namely ladyfingers, dulce de coco, and 5-spice powder. My grandmother used to make toasted angel food cake slices topped with dulce de leche and a blend of spices. Reading that list just made me think of that. Seems I’ll be in the kitchen quite a bit tonight.

  79. Like many others I could not possibly narrow it down to one thing, that being said I can give you the order of the first several days worth of baking joy. 1. avocado creme pie (my about to move to Australia daughter is always asking me to figure out recipes for avocado). 2. Luscious Lemon Mousse – anything with luscious and lemon in the title MUST be made. 3. Ant Hill Cake- not sure what it is, but would love to make it with my 5 yr old grandson. 4. Raspberry Lavender Cupcakes- you had me with the lavender. 5. Smores Pie – come into my belly lovely pie. Thanks that would round out the first few days, and then we could just work through the seasons.

  80. I have this book already (purchased from the veg bake sale). I made the version of devil’s food cake and it came out superb. This is definitely a top notch cookbook guys. There’s so many creative and tasty recipes. If you don’t win it, buy it! It’s well worth it for the photos alone.

  81. Anything with the word Macaroon or Meringue in it since both of those things have been out of reach until now.
    I’m hoping to adapt your Meringue into a pavlova.

  82. So many look delicious! I think I’d start with the Cherry-Berry Peanut Butter Cobbler.

  83. S’mores pie! I love marshamallows :) congrats on the cookbook, will be buying it soon!

  84. I would have to flip a coin between the Mexican Chocolate Crème Caramel and the Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake!!

  85. The Mimosa Tiramisu is calling my name… I can’t wait to see the book, especially for the pictures!

  86. I thought it would be easy to pick one recipe–but it’s not. First I saw the avocado pie and thought, “I’ve been wanting to try more avocado recipes.” Then I saw hamantashen–yum. and on and on… So many recipes! What will probably happen is that I will bake whatever I can with the ingredients on hand when the book hits this house. So much sounds lovely. I’ll be busy!

  87. Oooh! This book looks simply amazing! I would definitely start with the Meringue Kisses followed by the S’mores Pie! I can’t wait to see this book =)

  88. The “Sweet Basil Shortbread” is calling me :)
    I love basil and have been working on a Strawberry Basil cupcake, but shortbread with basil sounds heavenly.

  89. The Banana Split Cheesecake sounds sooooo good right now. That would definitely be the first thing I’d try :)

  90. Triple ginger cheesecake…though the weather is changing rapidly into summer I am in love with all things ginger and would love to try this out for my family (non-vegans) next holiday season. So many great titles to choose from. Can’t wait to flip through your publication. Congrats.

  91. so many exotic sounding items–love it! I think I’d have to give the lemon iced tea cheesecake a try, that just sounds perfect for serving while hanging outdoors!

  92. Mmmm…Grasshopper Layer Cake was one of my favorites as a (non-vegan) kid. Would love to revisit a veganized classic!

  93. Definitely pumpkin butter cookies! I’m always looking for ways to use leftover fresh pumpkin butter!

  94. Definitely the peppermint mocha trifle. Trifles are pretty much my ideal dessert! Peppermint and mocha is my favorite flavor combination too — so its a win-win situation!

  95. I really need a copy of this book, Hannah, it looks stunning!

    I was one of your testers a few years ago and I have to say I miss that Cherry Macaroon Tart, the recipe for which I lost. But that Mint Chocolate Macaron looks enthralling too!

  96. Samoa Tart or Cherry Macaroon Tart – I’ve been craving everything coconut recently and I think I’d just have to make them both!

  97. Chocolate chestnut torte!
    Pistachio nog!
    Marzipan tea cake!
    candied apple cookies!
    … and many more.

    so many awesome sounding recipes. yay!

  98. Hmmm, how to choose just one? They all look fabulous. I’d start with the lady fingers, followed by the pannetone and then the watermelon bombe.

  99. I’d go with the Mimosa Tiramisu. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a vegan tiramisu and I’m curious how the mimosa part fits in.

  100. I love watermelon so the first to make will be the Watermelon Bombe!!!
    All seems delicious

  101. I have to say, it was so hard to narrow it down to one recipe…everything sounds fantastic, Hannah! That being said, I think I’d make the Sweet Basil Shortbread first…it sounds incredible and I think I’d pair it with a nice glass of basil or mint lemonade!

  102. Oh my goodness, this list is way too awesome. I’m going to have to say the toasted coconut key lime ice cream, but it’s a hard decision! Amazing!

  103. Not seasonally appropriate, perhaps, but I would make the sweet potato casserole cupcakes. I love the idea of making sweet potato casserole the sweet treat it is. Thanks for doing the giveaway – the recipes sound great!

  104. spring – spiced beet cake bites

    summer – mango tango cupcakes

    autumn – butternut, vanilla bean pancakes

    winter – maple-pecan layer cake with ginger frosting

    components – shortcut marzipan

    but it was very hard to pick just one from all categories.

  105. I don’t even know where to start. There are so many awesome looking recipes! But if you’re twisting my arm – as much as I also want to make the macarons – the blueberry beet pates de fruit takes me right back to Paris and I really want them.

  106. WOW, I don’t know what to pick. The watermelon bomb looks amazing!
    Strawberry Charlotte looks yummy too. The Ant Hill cake sounds cute! the raspberry cheesecake Popsicle or the s’mores pie…Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes sound healthy and good. I honestly can’t say what I would start with…it all sounds soooo good.

  107. Wow, my husband would probably personally write you a thank you card if I made him the Vegan Rugelach! But I would love to make him the Gingerbread Pumpkin Seed Brittle because it sounds very similar to a brittle we had at our wedding, and he always talks about how amazing the food was. What are candied apple cookies? Is there anything better than eating a candied apple? Everyone likes to see someone with caramel and slober oozing down their face and hands while holding a giant melting caramel covered apple!

  108. Oh my. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

    How do I choose? Hmmmm. Cranberry custard pie? Mmmmm. But then there’s that key lime ice cream…

    You’ve really put together an amazing cookbook here. I cannot WAIT to read it.

  109. I am already drooling over the name Mexican Chocolate Creme Caramel, without even a picture! Cherry-berry peanut butter cobbler also sounds amazing – or at least, it sounds like it contains peanut butter, which is the same thing.

  110. wow, this is tough. the only reason to go to friendly’s is the watermelon sherbet… oh how i’d love to try the watermelon bombe. but the samoa tart, persimmon blondies and pistachio nog would be right up there too. you know, with the rest of the book :)

  111. Ridiculously hard to decide. Chestnut Muffins – I’ve got a jar of chestnuts that I need to do something wonderful with!

  112. I would make the Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles. I even have a brand new set of popsicle molds waiting to be tried out.

  113. Definately the “Grapefruit Gems”, I live in AZ, with 2 grapefruit trees in my backyard, and besides eating them raw and juicing them, I have no idea what to with all these grapefruits!!!!

  114. My choice would be either the Cherry Macaroon Tart or the Luscious Lemon Mousse. I’m drooling just thinking about them!

  115. Strawberry-Kiwi Pie! I can’t believe I didn’t pick something devilishly chocolate. My daughter is a huge Kiwi fan, and strawberry-kiwi pie would be a show stopper for sure.

  116. My rhubarb is getting huge so I would probably make the Zesty Rhubarb Ripple Cake. With so many mouth watering dessert names I am surprised that page isn’t covered in drool spots ;)

  117. I’d make the Almond Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies, the Peppermint Mocha Trifle, or the Triple Citrus Cupcakes, because those are all my absolute favorite flavors. AHHHHHHH.

  118. Mexican Chocolate Crème Caramel!! Though the watermelon bombe looks amazing. I question my own skills when it comes to something that fancy…

  119. I am having some serious trouble grasping that those are vegan macarons. Seriously? Seriously?! Am I misunderstanding something? Consider me wowed.

  120. The watermelon bombe looks like a fabulous summer dessert for our summer barbecues!!!

  121. Congratulations on the cookbook release! Gosh, where have I been? Totally slipped my mind, but just ordered my copy. I’m hoping there’s something easy enough for me to make. No need to enter me in the contest, just stopped by to say congrats! :-)

  122. ohgoodgolly…this is worse than trying to decide what to wear on a first date! I think I might have to finally choose the Not-a-Neuton Fig Tart because I ♥love♥ figs and so does my family! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  123. oh my gosh my copy just arrived !!!!!! everything looks so great- plus i think it’s awesome that you arranged them by seasons cos that is totally how my brain works. this is my summer sorted then- all i need to do is make an obscure ingredients run x

  124. It’s not baking, but the first thing I would make would be the Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles; it’s summer and raspberries are my absolute favorite fruit. Plus my favorite pregan dessert to make was a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, so these would so make me happy.

    I would also make the Canine Cookies for my girls.

  125. zesty rhubarb ripple cake! My farm share this summer has promised to have lots and lots of rhubarb and my partner and I are searching for things to do with it. Yum!!

  126. Chilled Rhubarb Torte

    And only because I promised myself this season I would do some randomly different things with rhubarb (other than strawberry rhubarb jam!)!

    (But I will say that watermelon bombe looks, well, the bomb!)

  127. wow. so many yummy sounding recipes! but I’d love to try Green Tea and Grapefruit Cupcakes – I just wondered the other day how I can use grapefruit for cupcakes.
    by the way, I’ve made your lemon poppy seed muffins a few days ago and they were a great hit even among non-vegans! thank you:)

  128. French Vanilla “Ice Cream” I have never found a recipe (or brand) of vegan cream that I like. And I miss it!

  129. So many choices. Although everything sounds so wonderful, I think the first delectable I would make is the Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake. It just sounds so exotic and heavenly all at the same time. I can already imagine the brilliant crimson orange slices on top of a moist, sweet cake. A treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

  130. Avocado creme pie. Holy goodness it sounds amazing! Everything does! When does the book come out?!

  131. They all sound so amazing but I’ve currently narrowed it down to Grasshopper Layer Cake, Mean, Green Pistachio Ice Cream, and Irish Creme Squares as the most amazing sounding of the moment.

  132. It would have to be the spiced beet cake bites–I can only imagine what a fabulous color they are!

  133. I am very interested in trying some of your recipes for our customers. First, I am very taken with the Watermelon Bombe. Can’t wait to see what the ingredients are? Thanks!

  134. I am sooo wanting to make the strawberry kiwi pie, grasshopper cake, pistachio ice cream (have yet to find a vegan one!) & ant hill cake (I am a sucker for chocolate sprinkelz)- everything sounds so good.

  135. Olive oil ice cream. From your SPRING collection! Because Friday it was finally warm enough in the morning to go to work without a coat. And because it sounds weird and wonderful!

  136. being a rhubarb lover and it being in season i would have to say the rhubarb dessert. yummmmm.

  137. i am obsessed with french macarons!!! i could eat them forever but have yet to try and make them….scary!!

  138. Everything sounds great but the thing I like best is that they’re all vegan! YAY!
    I definitely need to try out the olive oil ice cream though! *anticipation*

  139. holy moly! just one?! by the time i hit Mexican Chocolate Crème Caramel, i was drooling! then i scrolled down and saw limoncello? mexican chocolate AND my favorite liquor in one cookbook? *swoon*

  140. That watermelon bombe looks amazing!!! It would definitely be one of my first picks, although the black velvet cupcakes are calling me too. Everything sounds great though!

  141. I am so excited to try you macaron recipe! Even if I don’t win, I must buy this book. I recently made the delicious banana cake from your first book and it was a total hit :) Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  142. the watermelon bombe! oh my god, it reminds me of this watermelon flavored icecream stuff i used to get at baskin robbins as a kid…

  143. I made your French Macarons from your new cookbook and they came out perfectly! My first batch didn’t turn out right but the second time, it was absolutely perfect. They came out beautiful and tasted amazing. Thank you! The secret is that I had to follow the recipe EXACTLY! The first time, I didn’t use a strainer to sift out the larger almond pieces and it made a difference. You warned to not skip that step in the book. Now I know why. =) I can’t wait to try the Stuffed Cider Donuts next!

  144. Your recipes are so inspirational! Your enthusiasm for healthy eats in turn sparks my creativity in the kitchen. I have an apricot tree & by mid summer I always have more than I know what to do with. I can’t wait to try your poached apricots & apricot frangipan tart!

  145. S’mores Pie, doi! So many awesome things associated with this! I imagine thoughts/memories of fires, sweatshirts with shorts, lawn chairs, spooky stories, laughs, kisses and starry black nights all packed into each bite!

  146. Lemon Iced Tea Cheesecake! I love cooking with tea, and infusing tea into cheesecake sounds like a fabulous idea. :D

  147. I have to pick ONE? That’s just mean. Well, the first thing that caught my eye as I was scrolling down the list was the Luscious Lemon Mousse. That sounds good right about now :) I have your last book……and it’s awesome. Great giveaway!!

  148. It would have to be something so simple – vegan whipped cream! Anything that can replicate whipped cream would be great for topping off desserts

  149. How did I miss this before?! I’ve got this book at the top of my wishlist, but I can’t buy anything right now. To win a copy would just be perfect! The whole book looks a-maz-ing, but with Mint Chocolate Macarons on the list, how could anyone choose anything else???

  150. i would definitely have to say…. the veganized FRENCH macarons. i have never had one in my life since i am vegan and reading about them all throughout the blogworld has made me sooooo curious!!! can’t wait!

  151. Hey, Hannah! I just got your book so I could make those fabulous macarons, and had a question. If I want to make a different flavor (not chocolate), would it be ok to omit the cocoa powder, or is there something I should substitute? Thanks, and excited to start baking!

    1. Awesome, I hope you enjoy it! I would replace the cocoa powder with cornstarch if you’d like to flavor the macarons differently, but be careful about keeping the same ratio of ingredients- Powdered extracts/flavorings would probably be best, if possible. Let me know how they turn out!

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