Coal For Christmas

For as long as I’ve understood the rites of Christmas, I’ve wanted to give coal as a gift. Why? The fact that it goes against all common courtesy as a twisted, backwards way to show affection, it feels like an incredibly compelling suggestion to me.

Merry Christmas, I love you, and I think you’re ungovernable, too!

Good trouble is something I’ll always sign up for, so I feel for the equally rebellious people that inadvertently end up on the naughty list. Coal doesn’t have to be a bad omen or a punishment. There’s a whole lot it has going for it, especially when mixed up into a super simple body scrub.

What are the benefits of charcoal?

I’ve been known to include small amounts of food-grade charcoal as food coloring for various recipes, including pasta and pizza crust, but for daily use, it’s much more beneficial as a topical ingredient. Famously touted as a detoxifier, charcoal has a much more positive impact when applied directly to the skin. It’s especially helpful in…

  • Removing dirt and bacteria
  • Balancing oily skin
  • Reducing acne and preventing future breakouts

There’s a whole lot to love about this charcoal scrub!

  • It’s a homemade gift with no skills necessary. All you need to do is dump and stir, then package it up in a pretty little jar with a cute wooden brush for maximum effect.
  • All the ingredients are incredibly affordable, and in fact, prevent food waste! Spent coffee grounds all too often end up in the trash, but they still have a lot of life in them. Mixed into this energizing scrub, they serve as an effective exfoliant and smell like a brilliant, eye-opening cup of Joe.
  • For any last-minute gifting needs, you won’t find a faster present. Your guests could be walking in the door and you can still have thoughtful gifts for everyone before they can even sit down around the Christmas tree.

To all the rebels and renegades out there: Carry on. The threat of coal is no longer a punishment, but an encouraging promise.

Yield: Makes Enough for 4 Small Jars

Energizing Charcoal Body Scrub

Glass jar of charcoal body scrub with a wooden brush

This energizing charcoal body scrub is a thoughtful gift that everyone will love. It uses spent coffee grounds and coarse salt as exfoliants, and charcoal powder serves as a detoxifier. Personalize it with any of your favorite essential oils.


  • 1 Cup Spent Coffee Grounds
  • 1/2 Cup Coarse Sea Salt
  • 1/4 Cup Activated Charcoal Powder
  • 4 - 8 Drops Essential Oil or Rosewater (Optional)


  1. In a small bowl, mix together all the ingredients until well combined. Divide equally between glass jars. Store at room temperature.
  2. To use, mix about a tablespoon of the scrub with a few drops of water to form a paste. Gently rub it on your skin in small circular motions, using your hand or scrub brush for about 30 seconds. Rinse with warm water.

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11 thoughts on “Coal For Christmas

  1. Wonderful post Hannah.. My late Dad would do the giving of Coal on New Years Eve … Bringing a lump of coal was in fact wishing the family prosperity and warmth all year..
    I also use charcoal in toothpaste… :-) with Aloe Vera, iceland moss, and teatree… :-) and my teeth thank me for it :-)
    Excellent post Hannah… Enjoy your weekend my friend <3

    1. I love that tradition! That makes so much sense in terms of positive symbolism. I think charcoal gets a bad rap for no reason these days. I’m here to bring it back in a positive light! :)

      1. You certainly bring light and Love in all your ingredients Hannah.. and I had the pleasure of watching you in some of your video’s the other week…. Love your aura of bubbly enthusiasm.
        Sending Hugs and much love… You certainly bring me joy and tingles to my taste-buds each time I visit your lovely blog.. <3

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