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Dogs aren’t tough to understand. At least when it comes to my boy Luka, no words are needed to communicate just how much he hates the vet. Between the whining, crying, tail between the legs, ears back, and frantic escape attempts, it’s impossible to miss. Although my reaction isn’t so visceral, I have to admit, I don’t enjoy those visits much more. I’ve seen all too many upsetting scenes of mistreatment and outright disrespectful that I’ve come to dread even a routine checkup as if it was a personal assault.

No matter where we go, it always turns into an ordeal. After one too many borderline traumatizing experiences, we were both at wit’s end. In search of a better way, The Vets hit my radar as a completely new approach. Rather than piling into the car for an interminable ride of terror, they come to you for in-home services. The theory being that our pets, like ourselves, are much more comfortable at home, without enduring the stress or wasted time sitting around in a sterile waiting room.

Though naturally defensive of his territory, Luka knows dog people when he meets them, and quickly calmed down after spending a few minutes with our incredibly kind and compassionate vet techs. It wasn’t a numbers game, so we had time to talk, get to know one another, and build trust with my loving but inherently fearful pup. Lots of treats and a little play with his favorite toys went a long way. Finally, we were able to get baseline numbers and certifications where other vets had failed to even discern an accurate weight, given Luka’s typical state of hysteria at that point.

What services do The Vets provide?

  • Wellness exams for routine health maintenance
  • Emergency sick visits, available as next-day or same-day appointments
  • Microchipping and puppy exams for new additions to the family
  • Health certificates needed for travel, housing, and more
  • Vaccines such as Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis, and Bordetella
  • Ultrasounds for pregnant pups (and cats!)
  • Dermatology that includes skin and nail care
  • Lab testing for diagnostic analysis
  • Euthanasia

The experience was in stark contrast to the misery we suffered just a few weeks ago to update Luka’s rabies vaccination at a nearby walk-in clinic. Despite arriving 15 minutes before the doors opened, we were already 18th in line, behind pet parents with multiples and a wide range of complex needs. We sat in the car (to stay away from aggressive dogs in the lobby) for over two hours, giving Luka plenty of time to build up a solid case of anxiety. By the time a technician could finally see us, Luka wasn’t having any of it. They muzzled my poor boy who wouldn’t hurt a soul because he was deemed “reactive,” only heightening his fight-or-flight response.

If only we could have waited. Here, on the same couch where he loves to nap and watch TV in my lap, he took his annual shots without so much as a yip. The difference was night and day. My one and only disappointment, personally, is that these vets don’t see human patients too!

Have you seen The Vets yet?

The Vets serve most major cities in the United States 7 days a week, morning to night. There is a better way to get help for our fur babies when they need it most. It’s a personalized, compassionate approach, creating a new standard for preventative pet care.

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8 thoughts on “Fully Vetted

  1. I’m very glad you had a good vet experience at last. However, I do have a question in that how did the charge for this visit compare with going to a regular vet (not walk-in clinic) in your area? it would seem as though it would be more and perhaps prohibitively so for some. Oh and do they have the capability of doing X-rays? and if not where do they send someone when it is needed. Thanks.

    1. Absolutely true, the convenience and personal attention does come at a cost. Each home visit is $75 (which covers as many pets you’d like seen), and the pet exam is $80 each. While that’s out of range for some, I feel like it’s a good value based on the service they provide when you have a particularly reactive or fearful pup.

  2. Wonderful , just WONDERFUL Hannah Aww your lovely Luka, I can see was in no way distressed… What a wonderful experience…. And professional approach of caring for animals in this way… Love it.

    And Yes, YES… Why oh WHY haven’t we got health professionals who treat Humans in the same kind compassionate way.
    These days here in the UK people are finding it difficult even to get a Drs appointment let alone see a real Doctor.. Its all done through virtual reality.. Send a photo of the problem, or you only get to speak to a practice nurse.. Doctors seemed to have vanished into thin air here in the UK!… Yet surgeries are empty..
    Thank Goodness I am healthy and have had no need of them… But I know it is a nightmare for many…. But I digress! Apologies..

    Thank you for sharing this service. I will pass it along to one of my NY friends and hope its available in that state.
    Sending Love and well wishes Hannah… <3

    1. Healthcare seems to be a nightmare almost all across the globe, just in different ways! It’s sad to see, especially for a truly essential service. I also feel very lucky I’ve managed to stay relatively well and out of that tangled web- Knock on wood. I have to hope that as things get better for some (like our fur babies) they’ll start getting better for all. This is definitely a great step forward. And thanks for helping to spread the good word!

      1. Like wise Hannah I also can count my blessings…. Lets hope our VETS show the way for all health professional <3 and how to give of themselves in service to others and not to themselves.. <3

  3. Wow, that is an amazing idea. I wish they would do that more with various doctor and lab services too. I know so many people in our area with pets who would use this service! I hope they continue to expand.

  4. I wish we had a service like this where we live. They do in the nearby big city. One dog I had would practically have a heart attack just driving 8 miles to the vet. In fact, I’ve never had one that like car rides. Great post. Glad your little guy is good!

    1. I’m so glad this resonates with you too! A lot of people don’t even realize just how stressful the ordeal is for their pups. I hope it continue to grow and thrive so that eventually everyone can have access. There’s definitely the demand!

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