Food for Fathers

Fathers, as a group of people, are not a monolith. Making a blanket statement about such an infinitely diverse and varied population would be incredibly shortsighted, to put it lightly. Fathers should absolutely be celebrated and appreciated, but not in the way that Hallmark cards seem to think.

To treat all fathers the same way is reductive, completely opposite to what we’re trying to convey in the first place. If it comes from a genuine place, Father’s Day is about recognizing the people that raised us for all their unique quirks, habits, and mannerisms. It’s a chance to reminisce about the lessons they taught us early on, our challenges and struggles together; all the things that make them who they are, and in turn, make us who we are.

That kind of depth defies stereotypical gift guides. You can’t put that in a cooler filled with ice or wrap it up in a tool set. I may not be able to speak as a Father myself, but I promise you, they don’t all want beefy burgers or “man caves” or golf sets. Once and for all, almost none of them want neckties.

I’m not going to offer you a recipe roundup of The Best Father’s Day Recipes for the simple reason that I don’t know your father or what they like. Instead, this is a roundup of things I think my father would like. Maybe you’ll find some overlap here for inspiration. Whatever you make, just make sure they know they’re loved. That’s the real point of this holiday.

Top 10 Father's Day Recipes for My Dad

All fathers have their own particular tastes, but if yours is anything like mine, this list of fool-proof recipes should serve you both well.

5 thoughts on “Food for Fathers

  1. These sound delicious, Hannah. My dad isn’t around anymore for Father’s Day, although if he were, he’d prefer meat. :-) He grew up on a farm and was a meat and potatoes guy most of his life. My husband won’t be home so no father’s around on Sunday. I’ll eat what I like. :-)

  2. A wonderful piece for Father’s Day Hannah…. Perfect… Each are unique..
    Sending Hugs, as my hubby will enjoy his unique Father’s day tomorrow.. As I remember my Father with loving thoughts…
    <3 Much love <3

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