Wordless Wednesday: I’ve Gotta Hand It To ‘Ya

Rebel Cheese – Pub Cheddar Chowder

Rebel Cheese – Jalapeno Melt

Plow Bao – Brunch Bowl Tacos

Pho Please – Tofu Rice Paper Rolls

Nada Moo – Build Your Own Sundae

Nada Moo – Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Li’l Nonna’s – Beetaroni and Olive Pizza

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I’ve Gotta Hand It To ‘Ya

    1. Ha, it’s the million dollar question! I’m just lucky to have good friends to share the wealth with. ;)

  1. These all look amazingly delicious, Hannah, except I’d be taking the jalapenos off the sandwich. I’m so glad you have so many great places to discover and eat. I just visited 99 Ranch Market today for the first time (after picking up some great clothes at great prices at Clothes Mentor) and was excited to find homemade glutinous rice balls and char sui boa as well as lots of other goodies. Alas, no daifuku, though. The prices seem a bit high on many things but it’s an enormous and well-kept store, so I have that and Lee Lee both near each other and only about 20 minutes from us. Wish we had a Mitsuwa, but I’m not complaining.

    1. Aw, I’m sorry it wasn’t a completely stellar experience! I wonder if they might carry daifuku if you put in a request? It certainly couldn’t hurt to ask. Though of course, Mitsuwa is the gold standard… I wish we had one here, too!

      1. I may have to do that. But it was an excellent experience anyway and I scored a bunch of lovely clothes at Clothes Mentor besides the food goodies, so no complaints.

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