Almost Wordless Wednesday: People, Places, and Things

The time to write about my graduation ceremony has long passed, and yet I still cling tenaciously to the spare images I captured of that day, as if they might become the catalyst for my next great novel. They stand alone, in the pile of unpublished images, separate from any other event or story I might use them to illustrate, gathering more digital dust with every passing year. Others join them, like the snapshot of a chef at work now halfway around the world. Random facades of buildings that seemed noteworthy, but don’t quite merit a full article by themselves.

I can’t bring myself to trash them, to erase those memories, to simply forget those moments. The camera is my only method of preserving such happy times, more trustworthy than my feeble mind, and far sharper than my often nebulous words. Digging them out of the archive to share them as is, without context, is the only way I can think to certify their existence at this point. A random grab bag of pictures without theme or connection, I’d like to believe that they still speak volumes individually, and perhaps together, in the broader story of a life well lived.

9 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday: People, Places, and Things

  1. And, just be happy that because of this digital age, you can keep every single photo you’ve ever taken!!! Congratulations on your graduation, whenever it was!

    1. Ah yes, I’m so grateful to have photos as keepsakes! My memory is terrible and the visuals are critical to my personal story. Thank you!

  2. The first picture made me chuckle, not something I would have expected to see on your blog since it is in my hood and incredibly insignificant! Do you know the people in the graduation pics?

    1. Indeed! It used to be in my ‘hood too, when I lived in Ingleside; I could walk here, and loved the old-fashioned facade. Never actually ate there, though I do hear they have a veggie burger, for what it’s worth. And, I did know the people in my graduation photos… But have sadly fallen out of touch. Such is life.

      1. Isn’t called Whiz Burgers or something? I’ve never gotten food there, either. Dang, I sure wish we knew each other when you lived on this side of the bay!

  3. I completely get what you’re talking about, Hannah. I went back for a 40th and then 45th high school reunion and found it was a lot more fun than high school. :-) But it was fun revisiting memories and seeing where other people were, what they were doing, and how they looked.


  4. Nice memories and thanks for sharing them. Graduation is something special, my one was on film but luckily I have the hard copies that I can scan soon

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