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When I first met Paul five years ago, I knew right away that he was different from my usual photography client. His passion was unmistakable, almost tangible, paired with an infectious enthusiasm and warmth that could win friends in an instant. It wasn’t just a granola business he envisioned, but a stronger, healthier community. Such lofty goals never seemed out of reach with a clear vision and determination to make it possible.

Paul’s Firehouse Granola has been a labor of love from day one, born from the need to feed fellow firefighters while spending long hours on duty. Never knowing when they’d need to refuel, Paul’s carefully balanced formula was a runaway hit. This convenient, delicious snack was designed to provide quick energy to sustain them for the long haul, but demand quickly spread beyond the station. It’s easy to see why, just at a glance.

No other granola on grocery store shelves packs in the same quality and variety of whole nuts, seeds, unsweetened dried fruits, and whole grains. The best way to honor such superlative ingredients is to let them shine, unimpeded by excessive sugar or heavy spices. Paul’s Firehouse Granola is so spectacular because Paul doesn’t doesn’t cut any corners or take any shortcuts, valuing flavor just as much as nutrition. That means you’ll find rich dark chocolate chunks cozied up right next to toasted nuts and thick-cut, toasted oats.

As if that emphasis on premium ingredients wasn’t enough to feel good about, your purchase helps those in need, too. Paul’s Firehouse Granola proudly supports The San Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation and The Natalia Salcido Legacy Fund.

Now, after a lifetime of dreaming, years of hard work, and countless hours in the kitchen, Paul’s Firehouse Granola is finally available for online purchase! I’m proud to say I played any role in shaping the this voice for this bold new brand, and want to shout from the rooftops about the news. Instead, I thought it might be more effective to share a taste of this incredible blend with you. THREE lucky readers will get the gift of granola shipped straight to their door! If you’d like to win a beautiful glass jar full of Paul’s Firehouse Granola, leave me a comment below about your favorite way to eat granola. Do you sprinkle it over yogurt, mix it into muffins, or just eat it straight?

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20 thoughts on “Firehouse Favorite

  1. My son and I love granola either by the handful or layered in a parfait with blueberries and cashew yogurt.

  2. So many great ways to eat granola! I love it mixed into yogurt along with some fresh berries. I also regularly top my baked oatmeal with granola before baking for a wonderful crunchy topping.

  3. This looks amazing! I live to eat it in the car when commuting to and from work it gives me the energy boost I need and fills me up!

  4. I love to add granola to some plain unsweetened cereal for a little flavor and texture. I also love it on yogurt!

  5. I love granola as a topping on my fruit salads with an orange based dressing, as well as a topping on my bowl of morning oatmeal. Yum!

  6. Maybe one of these days I’ll win, but that’s not why I comment. I eat granola (my homemade) with yogurt, cinnamon, moringa powder, honey, and whatever berries I have on hand. I eat it with milk and whatever berries I have on hand and I’ve been know to eat it with milk/yogurt alone. :-) The recipe I use came from my uncle and I’ve been making it for years.


  7. Looks incredibly delicious. My favorite way to eat granola is on top of yogurt, preferably Kite Hill key lime!

  8. Granola and Follow Your Heart Yogurt is a favorite, but in a bowl with Elmhurst Milked Hazelnuts is another regular in my household. I love trying new granolas and can’t wait to try this one!

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