Wordless Wednesday: I Dream of Sushi

Beyond Sushi – Mighty Mushroom

Secret Garden – Golden Koi Roll

Shizen – Candlestick & Professor’s Puzzle

Uchiko – Avocado Nigiri & Komaki Roll

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I Dream of Sushi

  1. These are some really unique maki rolls for sure. I bet you could make these at home easily. Do you have a sushi roll mat? If not, saran wrap in a pinch works well too. Stay well and take care

    1. Oh yes! I’ve also managed using silicone baking mats in a pinch. I do keep meaning to make myself a sushi night at home. Like salads and sandwiches, the real beauty of the art is that you can put anything inside, no matter what you have on hand.

  2. I’m definitely not a raw fish sushi eater, so these looked quite good to me. I tell my family and friends, who have tried to persuade me that I would like raw fish, that I’m doing my part to keep the oceans populated. :-) But I do enjoy sushi like this.


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