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It’s barely an exaggeration to say that the whole world has gone CBD crazy. The range of infused products is staggering, from shampoo to cough drops, cookie dough to sparkling water. I can personally vouch for the benefits of this natural nootropic. Sometimes the stresses of daily life can become overwhelming, and while it would be nice to run away on a yoga retreat to de-stress, having a little tincture of hemp oil on standby has been a real lifesaver for a quick fix.

I’ve tried many different brands over the years, so when I had the opportunity to try Feals, I was excited. What immediately stood out to me about Feals is their personalized approach. They have a testing flight for $20, which contains 3 samples of different strengths. This is perfect for the CBD newbie, as you can try all 3 (600MG, 1200MG, and 2400MG) before committing to a full sized bottle. Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to hemp-derived products, be it how much to take or when to take it. If you’re uncertain about how hemp might affect you, this trial flight is an easy introduction. Experience firsthand what a lesser or greater dosage feels like, without any risk, to figure out what works best for your unique brain chemistry.

My favorite thing about hemp is that it doesn’t cause a drastic, sudden change in mood. It’s much more subtle, slowly soothing and calming over the span of about 45 minutes. For those times when you’re stuck in a rut, in a sad downward spiral, it can be just the little push to get you out and get on with the day.

Improved mental health is the primary reason why I turn to Feals, but it can have many other beneficial uses, too. Products containing hemp oil have been shown to also help alleviate chronic headaches, muscle pain, inflammation, and other physical ailments.

Scientifically speaking, THC, the oil that is extracted from the hemp plant, is the ingredient that makes you feel calmer. The highest amount of THC you’ll find in any hemp product is under 0.3%. The trace amounts will not leave you feeling out of it, but just generally more at ease. I’m able to take a couple of drops during the day and still be fully functional, not the least bit groggy.

The great thing about hemp oil is that the effects are cumulative the more you take it. The only downside is the taste, which is every bit as appealing as cannabis smells. You can always mix a few drops into your morning coffee or smoothie to mask the intense grassy flavor.

Reaping the full rewards of hemp oil is all about finding the dosage that works for you. Feals is ideal for just that reason. When you find your optimal strength, their full sized tinctures last a long time because they’re so concentrated that you only need a couple of drops at once. Feals is a convenient, affordable way to start trying CBD without making blind leap of faith; the results will speak for themselves.

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5 thoughts on “Fealing Better

  1. Very interesting, Hannah. I’ve never tried any cbd/hemp products, but my parents use CBD oil to help the neuropathy in their feet. Seems to work well for them, but not for everyone.


    1. Absolutely! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone’s unique situation. A lot of it does come down to quality and dosage, which is why I really like this particular service. If there’s ever a shot to CBD could be helpful, this is the way to find out.

  2. I use CDB oil to help with the chronic pain in my back and for migraines. My L4 & L5 discs are completely blown and have totally collapsed onto each other.

    Have been to specialists, neurosurgeons, etc. (including the one who wanted to do a fusion 12 years ago, who has now changed his way of thinking on fusion surgery) and their advice was to work on stretching and building up my “core”, which would be awesome if I could.

    My problem with that is the fact the discs have collapsed on my bowels (similar effect as being pregnant and having the baby lay on your bladder). You have no control … you have to pee AND RIGHT NOW not 5-10 mins from now. Same issue with the current situation so you totally don’t want to do exercises (in general) but especially should they cause you to “strain” during the exercise. Result is not pretty!!

    So I have scripts for muscle relaxers, arthritis and, of course, pain meds. While they make life tolerable, they’re still bandaids.

    CBD oil has been a wonderful relief to helping cut down with the pills for the pain and spasms and a great help with improving my quality of life and mood swings.

    I take the full spectrum, 1450 mg.

    Just my opinion but I think the CBD oil addition would be a great benefit for anyone searching for an alternative approach for pain/mood issues or as an addition to what you’re currently taking.

    My vet has my 132 lb Malamute on CBD oil for a paw injury and he’s doing great.

    Good luck to all in your search!

    1. Wow, what a journey you’ve been on! Thank you for sharing your story and all of your experiences with CBD. I’m so happy to hear that it’s been helpful.

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