Wordless Wednesday: Tel Aviv Show-and-Tell

Carmel Market
HaCarmel St 48
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel




8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tel Aviv Show-and-Tell

  1. I’ve heard and read so many wonderful things about Tel Aviv. Such a colourful city! You make me want to go. :)

    1. Of course you even know the man by name! Amazing. He had the most luminous smile, I couldn’t NOT take a photo. I wish I could have met up with you while I was in town.

  2. Kobi is a quite famous these days, but I remember when he started , from scratch. Then this Swedish TV cook decided to cook falafel with Kobi in his booth, and last year he participated in the MY KITCHEN RULES- tv show, in the first Israeli season of that Australian format. It would have been lovely to meet you but I know the tour you were on have a very tight schefule.

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea I was dealing with a celebrity here! That’s just amazing, I wish I had know and been able to introduce myself properly. Please share my photo if you get the chance!

    1. Oh, me too… I didn’t get nearly enough time to explore and eat everything on my hit list. It’s such an incredible place.

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