Thai It; You’ll Like It!

Laap, laab, larp, lahb, larb; there’s about as many ways to spell the dish as there are to make it. Regarded by many as the national dish of Laos, it shows up in numerous different forms in neighboring countries. Thai cooks present their own fiery rendition of the traditional minced meat salad flecked with aromatic herbs and bold spices in perfect balance, but meatless versions aren’t hard to find in the surprisingly vegan-friendly nation. Inspired by my own journey to the Land of Smiles, I’ve taken to a hearty blend of tempeh and mushrooms, swaddling the hot mixture in cooling lettuce leaves. The combination of so many contrasting tastes and temperatures creates incredibly satisfying, harmonious little bundles.

If the original inspiration remains of reach, fear not. You can take a trip to Thailand in less time than it would take to order takeout! Join me at the Sacramento VegFest this Saturday, January 26th at 11:30 AM when I’ll share my secrets for whipping up a quick fix tempeh larb without compromising flavor, nutrition, or your budget, even during the busiest weekday dinner rush. Pick up more tips and tricks for faster, tastier meals across the board, based on my latest cookbook Real Food, Really Fast.

If only for the free samples, you won’t want to miss this. Hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “Thai It; You’ll Like It!

    1. Please do, because I’ll certainly be back before long! My family is still all out there so there’s a good chance I’ll appear sooner or later for another event near CT or NY. :)

  1. I wish I could be there – and I want that for lunch today – yum!!! I hope VegFest went really well!

  2. Oh, this is my favorite recipe from your book! I’ve made it twice now and my husband and I devoured every morsel. The recipe easily doubled so we could have leftovers for lunch the next day. Butter lettuce was available, so we wrapped the Laab in those lovely large leaves, which added a bit of sweetness. Yum!!!

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